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License Info: US DOT # 1770206
ICC MC # 646315
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 1/1/1994

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Phoenix Transportation Services-NV
3160 S Valley View Blvd #205
Las VegasNV 89102 USA

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Toll Free: 844-305-6153

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No Photo Noah
November 17, 2017

Dishonest and fraudulent. Please do ...

We used Phoenix for our move from Oakland California to Boise Idaho 11 months ago and we are sorry that it taken us this long to write our review. Below is the letter we sent to our credit card company, who ended up reimbursing us for over $2k in fraudulent charges by Phoenix. My wife and I have no doubt that they pull similar tactics with all clients: My wife and I (both holders of this credit card) are requesting a full reimbursement of the $1943.25 charge here to Phoenix Transportation Services, listed as “Moving Services” in transaction history on 12/25. We also would like to dispute the charge of $400.00 from the same company. We are requesting full reimbursement and will delineate the reasoning below. We would like to dispute the first, and larger charge of $1943.25 due to their clear breach of contract. They guaranteed us a seven day delivery- for which we have proof in the form of email contracts and email correspondence with the sales associate we worked with. This company was selected on the basis that they would be able to deliver our belongings to us within seven days as we were moving to a new city, in the middle of winter, near the holidays, to begin a new job. We planned thoughtfully and in advance to ensure that this would take place and at no point were we advised that this may not happen, or be possible. Additionally, we were at no point advised that the company in fact meant “business” days, as this was never mentioned at any time during correspondence OR in the contract. Our many effortful attempts to communicate with this company to gain clarity or facts with regard to the location of our belongings, the timing of the delivery, the final cost and everything in between was impossible, stressful and overall horrendous. This was the worst customer service experience we have ever had. Phoenix Transportation Services was dishonest more often than not in the numerous emails, phone calls and text message correspondences that we had with them, and we are more than happy to provide forwarding copies of any email, or screenshots of any call logs or text message threads as needed. Over the past month we have called the company over 40 times (of which they pick up roughly 20% of the time), and emailed them over 15 times. Throughout this process of chasing them around, not getting calls back, and being ignored, one of their team members/managers named Lauren Leavitt claimed that we were the only customers that were complaining. This is extremely hard to believe because more often than not while on the phone with one of the Phoenix team members, you can very clearly hear their co-workers yelling at and arguing with clients over the phone in close proximity.To provide additional context- we have been in touch with the Department of Transportation and will be filing complaints with both them and the Better Business Bureau- which neither my wife or I have ever done before. Our b

Origin : Oakland, California
Destination : Boise, Idaho

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Brian
October 5, 2017

Wont deliver our shipment

They have been the worst company imaginable to work with. It's been two months since we requested shipment and they won't give us a delivery date. They say they will check on it and call us back. 22 calls later and we haven't received a phone call back. So if you want to pay for your things to get stolen use pheonix transportation.

Origin : Tampa Florida
Destination : Utah

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Bryan
July 17, 2017

Phoenix Transportation - an amazing ...

I had the most amazing moving experience with Phoenix Transportation Services. From the initial quote - to the movers loading and delivering my furniture and boxes to my new home - the entire experience was seamless. Nothing was broken or scratched. The movers were quick and efficient. I have never seen a truck packed so tight. The quote was accurate, the movers showed up on time for pick-up and arrived on time for delivery. Every person I dealt with was personable and professional. Nothing was broken or scratched. From Ann who handled the quote, the movers, and the owner of the business were top notch. I highly recommend Phoenix Transportation Services.

Origin : Watsonville, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

No Photo Meghan
March 13, 2017

Excessive Damage Upon Delivery

On 12/16/16 my household of items were picked up and stored for about 1 month at Phoenix Transportation Services warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. On 2/3/17, my goods were delivered to my new residence in Phoenix, AZ. The amount of damage was incredibly excessive and very disappointing. The legs to my livingroom entertainment unit were busted off like the unit was dropped on the ground, the corners on my sofa looked as if my sofa was dragged across their warehouse without protection, my large oversized round swivel chair was split from seam to seam, a part of my bedframe was missing, several "fragile" kitchen boxes that were clearly marked as "fragile" must have been tossed around like footballs because everything inside of them was shattered. On top of the damage that took place, their customer service is terrible! Once Cheryl sold me on using them, she wiped her hands of my really quick. She also incorrectly directed me on submitting a claim with their customer service manager instead of CSI their insurance company. My claim was submitted on 2/7 in email to their "customer service manager Kayla" which I never even received a response from. Now just today I tried to follow up and another girl Tiffany (who was extremely rude), told me that I needed to submit the claim with CSI not PTS. Now 5 weeks later, I need to start the claim process all over again. I put my trust in Phoenix Transportation Services. Using this company was a HUGE let down. My total damage was around $3000 and I doubt I'll see any of that reimbursed.

Origin : Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Destination : Phoenix, AZ

Quoted Price : $1,725.00
Actual Price : $2,125.00

No Photo Pradeep
March 10, 2017

They are cheaters on calculating the ...

This Guys are big Cheaters. They gave me the quote for 521 Cubic feet and they told me it is 675 when my household items got in First truck. The first truck is Enterprise rental truck and there is no Cubic ft marks. The truck came for delivery it is big truck belongs to different DOT number and it have clear Cubic mark and it indicating My household items occupied only less than 500 see the clear Cubic Marks in Deliver big truck. So 1.These Guys are big cheaters on Cubic feet calculation. 2. They are only brockers 3. They missed one of my kid chair.No response on it till now 4. I have called them nearly 30 times and sent about 15 emails but no response.

Origin : CA
Destination : TX

Quoted Price : $1,790.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Esther
February 16, 2017

Excellent Service

I had an excellent experience with this company right from the start. Sales person took my inventory asked a lot of questions since I was forgetting things. Explained the process of what was going to happen from beginning to end and if I needed to reach her she was available or called me back right away. I asked a lot of questions. Made changes to my inventory I probably drover her crazy but she was nice and patient with me throughout the whole move. The guys that showed up to my home very professional took very good care of all my furniture went over the paperwork with me. Explained that in the end I did have more boxes than I estimated so there was a slight change. When it was time for delivery they called me the day before and delivered the next day. They put all my furniture back together and I had no issues with them I would us them again and recommend them to anyone.

Origin : Chicago
Destination : California

Quoted Price : $3,679.00
Actual Price : $3,795.00

No Photo Elizabteh
January 10, 2017

Never Use them!!!

We decided to use this company because we had a very large tool box to move weighing thousands of pounds. I went around my home and measured my items to make sure that my quote was accurate. Along the way I called and spoke with Ann our representative several times to make sure that we were still on target. we took off the bunk beds and added the washer and dryer. And then we took off the book shelves and added more boxes. She reassured us that the changes we minimal and there was no need to update the inventory in their system. The days come for them to pick up our stuff and they call us and tell us they will be there in a few days. After a few days they call us again and say the same thing. I needed to continue to Utah for my job and they assured us that they would cover any inconvenience costs and would take care of everything. They continued to delay for almost 2 weeks! They just picked up our move on January 1st 2017!! When they got there to pick up everything, the tool box they were not prepared for after we had spoken about this extensively and gotten charged a heft handling fee for the tool box. The movers damaged the truck that the tool box was on, they damaged the tool box, and broke off the handle. They say we have to file it with the insurance!! Which is rediculas. Additionally all of the reimbursements that they promised they have chalked up to a 5% discount which is nothing. All along when we had been speaking with our rep Ann and she reassured us that everything was good and ok means nothing. they are saying that we have to pay the additional $2,000 because we had more stuff than was listed even after we had been telling Ann to have it updated!!Because of their late pick up my lease was over an my apartment complex and they said they would pay for the additional days over my lease but that hasn't happened still. My boyfriends house was rented out and he had tenants that were moving in that we inconvenienced and they haven't done anything about that or the truck that was damaged. I had been assured by the GM Lauren who also go by the name of Brittany that she would take care of it all and then when you call back to talk with her she doesn't follow through like she said she would or return your calls for days!!. Ann has not been heard from. Cassie is the customer service rep and just keeps saying that it is out of her control. So we are getting no where. Ann had has that it was 7-10 days for delivery and I asked specifically is that was business days and she said NO regular day, which now they are saying is business days. So they don't know when we ill actually get our stuff. It is somewhere. Complete waste of money and time this company I promised them I would post bad reviews everywhere I could so here you go :)

Origin : Midland Tx
Destination : Layton Utah

Quoted Price : $3,200.00
Actual Price : $5,300.00

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