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4.6(43) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 4.5
Moving Services 4.6
Packing Services 4.6
Professionalism 4.6

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Year of Estd: 6/4/2009

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Tiger Movers
282 N Main St
LodiNJ 07644 USA

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Toll Free: 855-295-6683
Phone: 973-928-1486
Fax: 973-767-2789

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No Photo Tyrome
June 27, 2019


It was a good move

It was a good move. The crew members were great and professional. Thanks to them and the way they treated us. We would highly recommend them to others.

Origin : Pamrapo, NJ
Destination : Pamrapo, NJ

No Photo Kenne
May 3, 2018


Very efficient and very careful

I had very little to move but all other competitors wanted $ for a huge move. I used this company without any other reference than the reviews and was extremely satisfied. They were prompt, courteous, efficient and very careful with my items. They delivered what they promised. I would use them in the future and recommend them to friends and family.

Origin : Sayreville, NJ
Destination : Bedminster, NJ

No Photo Abbaibi
April 18, 2018


Very pleased :)

We had a small project in our house and needed to move a very heavy piece upstairs, they came in 30 mins of me calling them and got it done right away! Very pleased :)

Origin : Belleville, NJ
Destination : Belleville, NJ

No Photo Rosie
April 10, 2018


They were awesome!!!

It was so quick and easy. The guys were friendly and professional, were right on time in the morning and went strait to wrapping up breakables and packing everything into the truck The whole thing only took about two hours. On top of all that wonderful-ness they are so reasonably priced - we didnt have to spend a fortune to move!

Origin : Bedminster, NJ
Destination : Cherry Hill, NJ

Quoted Price : $495.00
Actual Price : $530.00

No Photo Michael
March 22, 2018


The Worst Experience I've Ever Had...

Let's see my stuff arrived damaged, they hit the wall and walked away and left it and were about to pull away until I stopped them. So he goes "oh you can fix that yourself, just get plaster from Home Depot and you can fix it yourself." You hit my wall and damaged my wall and you're going to tell me to fix it myself? and the manager's assistant will call you back. I am looking into trying to see if I can sue them actually because they're not answering any phone calls regarding any kind of claims. I can't even rank them because that's how horrible they are.

Origin : Sayreville, NJ
Destination : Piscataway, NJ

No Photo Steve
November 8, 2017


They were very good.

They were very good. They were on time, they wrapped everything, the furniture very neatly. Nothing was damaged, they were clean. They were very careful not to damage anything when they moved things. they didnt break anything, so i would highly recommend them

Origin : Belleville, NJ
Destination : Park Ridge, NJ

No Photo Zoltan
August 9, 2017


Great Service and Nice People!

I had a good experience, the guys were very nice. They were great packing things, and careful. They were all very professional.

Origin : Bridgewater, NJ
Destination : Somerville, NJ

No Photo Tamara
July 19, 2017


Great job!

Yea it was great, very professional, and you know they worked hard. Nothing was broken and yea it was good. Nothing was broken. The estimate was low not as bad as the actual cost. Although it was a estimate, took a little longer than estimated. I was aware of that they were packing a truck so it was going to take a little longer.

Origin : Bedminster, NJ
Destination : Cherry Hill, NJ

No Photo Melissa
June 20, 2017


Good Experience

It was good, they did everything that they were suppose to do.

Origin : East Brunswick, NJ
Destination : East Brunswick, NJ

No Photo Anonymous
February 6, 2017


Not a good experience

As for handling the furniture and getting it in and out, that was fine. When they arrived at my new residence, with all the furniture in the truck, they handed me a bill for more than twice the quoted price. I complained, and they jumped back in the truck and told me that my furniture would be taken to storage... and I would have to contact an attorney if I did not pay them what they asked for.

Origin : Towaco, NJ
Destination : Boonton Township, NJ

No Photo John
January 28, 2017


I Love Them

I can't say enough lovely things about Shane and Alex, and everyone from Tiger. They treated our stuff as if it were their own. Not only that, but they were ready to move us even before we were, and happily waited for, like, 3.5 hours while we finished packing, and were total dolls about it. Throughout the whole move, they were quick, kind, and just a pleasure to be around. And Tiger Movers as a whole took care of everything, including the COI and the paperwork. Alex in the front office was amazing, too. Plus, the price was way below what we expected. Really? Just the best experience. I LOVE THEM. No joke.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

Quoted Price : $480.00
Actual Price : $575.00

No Photo Siva
December 2, 2016


It was good but they didn't take all ...

It was good. The only thing was that they didn't take all the items...But other than that, it was good. The packing services was good as well.

Origin : Edison, NJ
Destination : Edison, NJ

No Photo Tracey
September 15, 2016


The Best !!!

I had a lot of stuff to move and my place is not easy to get in and out of! But the guys never complained and were extremely personable the whole time. The staff at the office are wonderful as well and always ready to help. I would recommend North Stars to anyone and will definitely use again!

Origin : Phillipsburg, NJ
Destination : Bloomingdale, NJ

Quoted Price : $760.00
Actual Price : $840.00

No Photo Nathan
June 28, 2016


I am very pleased with the movers

Tiger Movers Inc has such a wide range of services and that’s why I hired them. They were very friendly and the quote was not too high. The movers arrived 10 minutes early on the moving day. They packed up everything very swiftly. They finished the whole job in just an hour. The delivery was made in the evening on the same day. The movers unpacked everything and put the boxes in the right rooms. I highly recommend them.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

No Photo Kelvin
June 26, 2016


Affordable and reliable

Relocating on my own has been nothing but troublesome. This time I decided to hire Tiger movers inc for the job. I will only hire professionals from now on. The movers were so efficient. They arrived on time, packed everything, loaded them onto the van and set off. They were so friendly while being absolutely professional. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages. The final bill was shocking. It was just too cheap. I never thought moving companies would be that cheap while being so efficient.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

No Photo Craig
June 20, 2016


I appreciate the movers a lot

It is not easy wrapping up years and years of hoardings. But that is what Tiger Movers Inc had to do. Amazingly, the movers who were sent from the company seemed completely oblivious of how much belongings we had. They just methodically packed and loaded everything we own onto their van. The whole thing took such a short amount of time. They delivered on time and my belongings were all in great shape. This is a hard job. But these movers make it seem so easy.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Middlesex, NJ

No Photo George
June 15, 2016


Best moving company

We hired Tiger Movers Inc upon a recommendation from a family friend. They turned out to be amazing. The movers were prompt, friendly and honest. They took such great care of our breakables. Our belongings travelled without a slight scratch on them. Even they charged us quite reasonably. I have hired many moving companies in the past. None of them came even close to the way these guys handled this move.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Toms River, NJ

No Photo Aaron
June 5, 2016


They are very systematic

I have seen movers before who were very chaotic. Their lack of experience and coordination make the client suffer. The movers from Tiger Movers Inc were nothing like that. They worked so systematically to move our belongings. Their behavior was very polite and they were always ready to help. They packed up everything very swiftly at first. As soon a box was filled and taped, it was being carried out to the van. Then they shrink-wrapped our furniture and moved them one by one. Some pieces were quite heavy and the men pulled their strengths together and carried them outside. I really enjoyed watching them in their element. I recommend this company very strongly.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Randolph, NJ

No Photo David
June 2, 2016


Relocation is simple

I was very excited to move back home. This time I hired tiger movers inc because of the offer they were giving out. I wasn’t really expecting much for the price they offered. But they were really efficient. The crew seemed to have been trained very well. They were very good with wrapping my valuables and carrying heavy pieces of furniture out of my tiny apartment. I think the guys did a job that was more than ordinary and I really appreciate their efforts. I will definitely hire them again.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Paterson, NJ

No Photo Robert
May 28, 2016


I am very impressed

Very few moving companies can do what tiger movers inc can! They promised me the safe delivery of each and everything I own. They did just that! There is really no point in examining how movers do their job. I am only concerned about the end result. When they delivered everything to my new house, nothing was missing, broken or damaged. On top of that, they were punctual, polite and cost effective. I can’t tell you a reason why you shouldn’t hire them.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Summit, NJ

Quoted Price : $620.00
Actual Price : $620.00

No Photo Craig
May 15, 2016


Such great coordination

The sheer harmony and coherence displayed by the movers from Tiger Movers Inc during my last move is absolutely commendable. I wasn’t expecting much from the company as I didn’t really know much about them. But they were just unbelievable. All four men were very strong and organized. The best part was that when one of them would struggle, others would come and help out. I have never seen 4 men working in so much sync. They packed and loaded all my belongings quickly enough. The delivery was made on time and the men assembled all my furniture for me. They are cheap too!

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Jersey City, NJ

No Photo Alan
May 13, 2016


They did everything they could

I didn’t know what to expect from Tiger Movers Inc when I hired them to move my belongings since this was the first time I hired them. They gave me a reasonable estimate for a crew of four men. They called me around 11 am on the moving day and notified that the movers were on the way. I thought that was a really nice touch because we had time to sort things out before their arrival. The movers arrived at 11:30 am and they were done with the packing and loading fairly fast. They proved to be very reliable too as they delivered all my stuffs in great condition on the first scheduled day for delivery. Such professionalism is so rare these days.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Florham Park, NJ

Quoted Price : $550.00
Actual Price : $550.00

No Photo Roger
May 8, 2016


They work hard

The movers from Tiger movers inc work very hard to earn respect. Most movers only do a lackluster job while these guys really excel at everything. They mean business and that is what you want from your movers. They showed up right on time during my move. They packed everything carefully and loaded them. And then we were on our way to my new house. All my valuables survived the tour and I couldn't be happier with their service.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Buxton, ME

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Danny
May 2, 2016


No praise is enough

I cannot praise this company enough. They have saved me from such a bad situation. My original mover came in and suddenly doubled the initial quote. I refused to pay the money and they left. I had most of my bags packed and I needed another moving company right then. That’s when tiger movers inc entered the scene. They arrived just an hour after I called them. They stuck to the quote and efficiently transferred my belongings. God only knows what would have happened if they didn’t accommodate us in that situation.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Lodi, NJ

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Melvin
April 28, 2016


Hiring them saved me

I was torn among three moving companies when I was moving two weeks back. All three of them quoted similarly and promised perfection. My brother in law suggested that I go for Tiger Movers Inc. So I went for them. It really was a good choice. They made my move so easy. We weren’t moving worlds apart but it wasn’t the distance that bothered me. I am really attached to the things I own. So I didn’t want them to be damaged. The movers, who maintained their timing very well, took amazing care of my possessions.

Origin : Jersey City, NJ
Destination : Piscataway Township, NJ

Quoted Price : $550.00
Actual Price : $550.00

No Photo Paul
April 18, 2016


They are the best

Tiger Movers Inc really impressed me during my last relocation. The four movers were very sincere and took great care of my valuables. The whole job took them just 3 hours. It really was mammoth effort from the boys. The final bill actually came under the quote, which is always a good thing. During this move, an old jug broke only. That is some serious efficiency! I have to give credit where credit is due and Tiger Movers Inc deserves it more than anything.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Neptune City, NJ

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $660.00

No Photo Kim
April 10, 2016


The best company!

These guys are my moving heroes. The way they moved my office to another location was something special. These guys were very reasonably priced and extremely talented. They knew what they were up against and they had the complete control over everything. Tiger Movers Inc is surely one of the best companies of Lodi, NJ.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Schenectady, NY

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $1,600.00

No Photo Jimmyperez
April 2, 2016


Trustworthy moving compan

The hassles of relocation are too much to handle. But nothing as such took place while I handed the responsibility over to Tiger Movers Inc. They were really reliable as far as my belongings were concerned. They did an excellent job at packing everything so they arrived at my new house intact. I have to give props to the movers who were very punctual, efficient and friendly. I will definitely hire them again.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Hammonton, NJ

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Anonymous
March 30, 2016


They packed and moved everything ...

It was good. They were really helpful and everything. Everything has been good so far. They came on time and delivered on time and the timing was very good, as was the packaging. They moved everything carefully and packed everything carefully.

Origin : North Branch, NJ
Destination : North Branch, NJ

No Photo Frederick
March 25, 2016


Good service at a good price

I don't really expect much from movers as they always tell you one thing and then do something completely different. I have heard stories of movers showing up a week late because a glitch in their system. So when I hired Tiger Movers Inc to move everything I owned, I didn't expect a royal treatment. On contrary to my worst expectations, they showed up on time and seemed quite efficient at packing and loading. They drove quite carefully and delivered everything immaculately without really uttering any word of anger or annoyance. I suppose not every ridiculous moving company story you hear is true, certainly not with companies like this one.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Woodbridge, NJ

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $580.00

No Photo Calvin
March 22, 2016


Smart and efficient movers

We moved so easily only because of Tiger Movers Inc. These guys were just like well-oiled machines. They were punctual and responsive. They listened to all our instructions and requests. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other stuffs were packed into boxed. It sometimes seemed like they were using too much packing materials. But it only helped safeguarding our valuables. I received the delivery on time and in great condition. I have come to really appreciate what these guys do and how hard they work.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Ardmore, AL

Quoted Price : $2,800.00
Actual Price : $2,780.00

No Photo Neiladkins
March 17, 2016


Same price, better quality

Before moving, I did a lot of research on which company would be the best for my move. I talked to many moving companies and they all pretty much quoted me the same price. But there was something about the woman on the phone for Tigers Movers Inc that I decided to hire them. They were absolutely awesome! They packed with military precision. They were out before anyone even knew it. I am so very grateful to them.

Origin : Lodi, NJ
Destination : Tenafly, NJ

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $610.00

No Photo Ramesh
January 13, 2016


The Best !!

We had our one bedroom move done with Tiger Movers and it went really smooth. The moving guys were on time and they were really efficient with putting the boxes in the truck. Ours was a move from the south bay to the city, and again, the guys were on time covering up a relatively long drive really fast. The moving into the new apartment was also really efficient. We didn't have anything damaged and the guys even helped put our bed together. Overall, it was a really pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Tiger Movers for a hassle free move.

Origin : Jersey City, NJ
Destination : Lodi, NJ

Quoted Price : $645.00
Actual Price : $530.00

No Photo Kelly
January 4, 2016


The Best Moving Service I Ever Had!!!

We used Tiger Movers services for our move within Bergen county from 2 apartments combined into a house. Javier and crew arrived on time, very professional and quick with the move. They made everything seamless. We also ordered boxes that were delivered ahead of moving date. This service is absolutely above par which we were so happy about that we chose to go for. I highly recommend Tiger Movers and Javier and crew!

Origin : Fair Lawn, NJ
Destination : Paramus, NJ

Quoted Price : $678.00
Actual Price : $765.00

No Photo Evelyn
November 20, 2015


Awesome Experience

Great team, super careful with all your belongings! Very fair, prompt, courteous service! Competitive Quotes to the most advertised and a much better experience. Would recommend to everyone. Will never use anyone else as long as they are in business!

Origin : Mahwah, NJ
Destination : Wayne, NJ

Quoted Price : $783.00
Actual Price : $726.00

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