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Membership(s) & License Info.

License Info: US DOT # 2096802
ICC MC # 489601
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 11/11/2010

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US Express Relocation Location


US Express Relocation
2999 Pacific Dr Suite-A
NorcrossGA 30071 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-518-9824
Phone: 800-518-9824
Fax: 404-889-8686

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No Photo Jitendra
July 6, 2020


**A Company run by Scammers with ...

Use “Us Express Relocation” if 1. If you are Ok with the price increasing from $1153 to $1870 (see the attached Proof) 2. If you are Ok with Movers using a whitener to change the price right above you and them signed on papers on final price-This comes under fradualent business practise (see the attached Proof) 3. If you are OK, with them threatening you throughout your moving that they will not deliver your stuff if you try them to stick to the price they signed¬¬¬ for 4. If you are Ok with Movers delaying your delivery by 8 days (see the attached Proof) 5. If you are Ok with No one responding after continuous email/text/phone (see the attached Proof) 6. If you are Ok with Driver yelling at you; sales representative cussing at you and the owner askingyou to not call them (see the attached Proof) 7. If you are Ok with Movers lying about date and time of delivery (see the attached Proof) 8. If you are OK with Racial comments from the Driver/unloader like “People of Your ethnicity are crazy” (see the Proof) 9. If you want to take POLICE help to get your stuff unloaded as if 8 days of delay and $700 and all the racism, cuss words and ignorance of your call was not enough (see attached the attached Proof) For curious minds who would like to know more, read the date by date detail of my experience on Facebook IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRAUMATIZED BY THIS COMPANY, FILE COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM AT https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-1

Origin : Athens, GA
Destination : Ann Arbor, MI

Quoted Price : $1,870.00
Actual Price : $1,153.00

No Photo Manali
July 6, 2020



BEWARE!!!! GOOGLE reviews are not correct, this company (US EXPRESS RELOCATION) deserves to be sued and should be stopped from running!! They are SCAMMERS!! USE CUSS WORDS!! TRAUMATIZE YOU!! I am amazed this SCAMMING BUSINESS is still running (SCAMMERS: BEN (Owner), John, ANTONY, MERRIT). Please read reviews on Facebook, Yelp, movingfeedback and other portals and DO NOT IGNORE the BAD reviews they are TRUE!! I wish I had done the same before dealing with this nightmare! DELAYED DELIVERY, NEVER RESPOND AFTER THE PAYMENT IS MADE, HANG UP ON YOU, INCREASE PAYMENT AFTER SIGNING THE DOCUMENT. I have filed a complaint against these frauds on FTC (Federal Trade Commission) https://www.ftc.gov/ and would request everyone to do the same. SAVE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND PATIENCE AND RUN AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!

Origin : GA
Destination : MI

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,800.00

No Photo Towanda
April 27, 2020



Just as the last reviewer Phillip Derby wrote I was given a quote of $1075 for my move. When the team got there (6 hours later than Ben the owner said they would be there) they began packing my stuff and told me I would owe an additional $300 because my stuff required another 100cf. I told them that there was no more in my shipment than what I identified and to John. They acknowledged that I did not have more than what was on the inventory list and that it was because my furniture was "bulky". In attempting to negotiate with me one of the employees said he was just trying to accommodate me and make money at the same time. I told him that I find it awfully strange that John originally quoted me $1300 and I turned it down immediately as I had 2 other options that were less. John then says to me that he wanted to get his guys work and he would work with me. He sent me a binding quote of $1075. Now I understand it is just a quote but I find it strange that when the men loaded my stuff it somehow jumped to the original price I rejected. John took my credit card and charged a $300 deposit and told me I would owe $385 when they picked it up and then the remaining $385 when they dropped it off to me. When the gentleman went to take the $385 payment that was due they then told me there would be a 5% charge because I was using a credit card. I told them AT NO TIME DID JOHN TELL ME THAT. He indicated that I could pay with Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash. AT NO POINT DID HE SAY THERE WAS A 5% charge for a Credit or Debit Card. John acknowledged that he did not mention that but told me that it was on the document that I electronically signed. Now I went through my emails and I did not have a copy of that agreement. All that I had was the binding quote that DID NOT notate that 5% anywhere. I then asked John why I wasn't charged the 5% on the deposit and he said to me that the 5% isn't charged on the deposit. Which made no sense to me because it was literally the same credit card they were going to charge the $385 on. I was then told, by the Employee packing my things, that my delivery would be today, Monday April 27th by 9AM. They mentioned they were going to Ocala and would deliver my things first. Fast forward to today AND NOTHING. NO DELIVERY AT 9AM nor was I notified that it would not come today. I got a call at 9:11AM from the Employee that told me it would be delivered today at 9AM and he asked for someone named Jennifer......MY NAME IS NOT JENNIFER. I then get an email from the Owner Ben asking for me to sign something saying that I owe $624 dollars. I told Ben my Balance was not $624 but $589.75 to which he responded the $34.25 was the 5% for the credit card use. I told him I was not using my credit or debit card for the final payment. He stopped responding. I called the office and was told that the 5% was for the credit card use. I then explained that 5% of $385 was $19 which I would be willing to pay to which the rep responded the $34.25 was for the

Origin : Lawrenceville, GA
Destination : Winter Garden, FL

Quoted Price : $1,070.00
Actual Price : $1,191.00

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