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License Info: US DOT # 2948936
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Insurance: On file: $750,000
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Year of Estd: 9/1/2016

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US Movers Inc
8909 Chancellor Row, Suite D
DallasTX 75247 USA

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Phone: 469-217-6868
Fax: 469-250-8464

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December 6, 2018

Complex move made simple

We used US Movers Inc for a complex three-day move with four locations. The foreman on the job was efficient, organized and spot-on. He did not leave one stone unturned. When we thought we were finished, he would give us multiple opportunities to walk through the home to be certain and to rethink things. Packing up 25 years of things and moving them to four locations was not an easy task. He kept his crew moving and careful with our belongings, and they were all exceedingly polite and hard-working. We were very satisfied with them in every way and would use them again. We whole-heartedly recommend this company and this crew.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Huntsville, AL

November 27, 2018

I have no criticisms

I’m not very good at decision making. But, hiring US movers inc was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They sent over four very friendly and reliable movers who worked very efficiently to make sure that my belongings travel safely. It was such a pleasure seeing these men at their element. They were just so organized in every aspect. The foreman led the men very well. The delivery was made right on time and all our belongings had travelled very well. I have no negative comments for these guys.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Jacksonville, FL

November 22, 2018

Better than most companies

I've moved about 3 times now, and this was by far the easiest move I've had. I didn't have to worry about my things; they arrived at my new place before I needed them. Usually I move and lose a bunch of things (or break them) and I just have to cut my losses and move on so I don't get stressed out. I'm barely paying for the service when I factor in how much I would have spent on moving complications and replacing things. US Movers Inc is definitely head and shoulders above all the other moving companies because these guys deliver your valuables in proper condition!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

November 21, 2018

Worst Experience Ever

Never had such bad customer service in my life. They are quick to take your money and tell you how they will treat you right while every other mover will trick you with hidden costs and bad service and then that's EXACTLY what they do. Won't confirm pickup or delivery times until just before which is a nightmare when trying to schedule into a condo/apartment building. Won't take your calls, won't answer the phone when you need stuff, leave you on hold forever when they do. Everything is outsourced to REAL moving companies but US Movers leaves you hanging and will not help at all along the way. Now have a damage claim to file and can't wait to see how messy that will be. DO NOT USE these people. I never will again!

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Tampa, FL

Quoted Price : $4,533.82
Actual Price : $7,763.76

November 15, 2018

Such integrity is rare

I've used US Movers Inc multiple times for short and long distance moves. I have had no issues whatsoever. They were on time and courteous. They were especially cautious with my antique furniture and art collection. They took great care of all the stuff and then arrived on time at destination. They took care of our antique furniture very well, which I was much impressed. The price was competitive too and was well worth it. I must especially thank their manager for walking me through the process with patience since I am not a frequent mover. I would highly recommend using them!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : New York, NY

November 4, 2018

They are very dependable

Given how attached I am with my belongings I can’t possibly expect a group of strangers to understand my attachment to the things I own. Things I have bought from my hard earned money, things I've gotten as a present, thing that hold a memory to cherish. Hence the movers from US Movers Inc had to be very reliable. From the moment they arrived, they were very polite and friendly. Their work was very efficient and they wasted no time while packing and loading all my belongings. They left by making sure I that my valuables were safely delivered and nothing broken or damaged. The whole move felt too good to be true, I am really grateful to these guys.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Miami, FL

November 2, 2018

Awesome Crew!

My wife and I were truly impressed with the professionalism of this moving company. The three guys that they sent out were awesome. Our move went very well. We moved out of our townhome and into our single family home within four hours. I have and will continue to recommend US Movers to anyone that is looking for a great, affordable moving company.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $900.00
Actual Price : $900.00

October 28, 2018

The movers showed genuine care

After working with so many different moving companies, I finally found US movers inc which handled my move perfectly. They quoted reasonably, movers showed up on time and everything went as smoothly as it could. All four movers were very experienced. They took such great care of all my things. It was comforting to know that my valuables were in good hands. They delivered everything on time, unpacked and put them where they belonged. I’m so glad to have found them and will stick to them from now on.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Atlanta, GA

October 26, 2018

Awesome Crew.

Movers 101 INC is the terrific moving company. Everyone who has come from this group has been great. They are very efficient, productive, flexible, helpful, and careful. They all have great attitudes. I will continue to use them and highly recommend them!!!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

October 24, 2018

Good Company.

This is my first time using movers company and I'm so glad that I choose US Movers. They work fast, responsibility, and trustworthy. Highly Recommended US Movers.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

October 20, 2018

Highly skilled professionals

Skill is one of the most essential things in moving and without it things would definitely go wrong. This I guess was the reason why most of my past moves went awry because the movers lacked the requisite skills. This time around, I found US Movers Inc and they had the skills required for the move. It was a seamless move and I give them high grades for the great job. When I watched these guys packed and moved my stuff, I realized that they were truly experts with many years of experiences in the job. Thanks guys for sending experienced movers to help me with my moves. I will hire you guys again.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Miami, FL

October 18, 2018

Awesome Movers!!

The movers were fantastic: on time, professional, polite, and careful with our items. They had the unexpected task of disassembling our day bed to fit it through our apartment unit's door, and they performed this with no complaints. They subsequently reassembled the daybed in the living room. Really impressive work. Of course, they carefully wrapped up all furniture also. I would love to work with US Movers again in future.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

October 14, 2018

Definitely the better kind

I had moved once before and the movers I hired were just bad! This time I had to look through a million online reviews and websites to pick the right movers. The solution was named US Movers Inc. Their movers were nothing like the ones I got before. They came in on time, packed up everything very quickly and left. I received the delivery just two days later and all my belongings were safely transported by them. I was waiting for a monumental bill but I was handed a bill that was nothing short of cheap. There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys are worth hiring every time I need to move.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Detroit, MI

October 10, 2018

Gentlemen's Crew

At first I had no idea about US Movers but as i got to know about it I was actually impressed and was satisfied with their work. They even offered me advice on services not related to their company, very informative and honest. I would definitely use US Movers...

Origin : Texas
Destination : Dallas

Quoted Price : $2,700.00
Actual Price : $2,700.00

October 8, 2018

Overall best experience!

Very professional team - to say the least. Everything went as planned and on time. I took their help in moving one bedroom apartment within Dallas. The team was extremely professional and helped us move very conveniently. They came on time and finished the job within the agreed time. We were scared as our furniture and TV is on the expensive side - they handled everything very carefully and moved without any damage. US Movers are best and highly recommended!!

Origin : Dallas TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $1,100.00
Actual Price : $1,100.00

October 4, 2018

Fabulous service

US Movers actually made the moving experience pleasurable. They were my point of contact on the phone, and I can't say enough wonderful things about them. They were super responsive, helpful, polite, and very kind. They had the most pleasant attitude of all the movers I called.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

October 3, 2018

Fantastic movers

US Movers Inc made our move so easy and simple. The movers were early to arrive and fast to pack. I saw boxes being carried out in 10 minutes. The whole pack and load process took them just 1 hour and 45 minutes. They packed everything very thoroughly so my valuables can survive the journey. They delivered my valuables in great condition the next day. I am just blown away by how good these movers really were.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Chicago, IL

September 27, 2018

Amazing Crew!

US Movers made my entire experience absolutely stellar. They are on the top of things and handles their business like a professional. They Came and moved our furniture and the rest of the house to our new apartment. On time, courteous, damage free, and did it for a good price. Thank's US Movers!!!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

September 26, 2018

Help on weekend

If you have to move on a weekend without any prior notice- good luck. US Movers Inc was the only company with movers available on a Sunday. We moved our office to the next state so the distance wasn’t the issue but the amount of things needed to be moved was a whole different issue. The movers showed up with every sized box you could want and plenty of packing materials to protect our gear. They treated all our stuff with respect and didn't track any mud or dirt into the new shop, which I really appreciated them for as it saved me from cleaning up later. The guys were really friendly and I totally dug their attitude. We also used them to store some of our gear that didn't fit in the new location. We got great rates for the entire move. Overall value was excellent with these guys.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Dallas, TX

September 22, 2018

Right kind of movers

Before our recent relocation we did a little bit of research from a month prior and we shortlisted 3 companies, among which we chose US Movers Inc because they were quicker to respond to us with a fairly reasonable quote. 3 young men were sent to help us with the move on the moving day. This crew was really helpful, they were really nice who went above and beyond than what I expected and I thought they did a great job.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Oklahoma City, OK

September 20, 2018

Great Experience!

I would definitely refer US Movers to anyone looking for movers. They were careful to wrap the items that needed it for transportation. They were responsive during initial scheduling, prompt in arriving at the agreed upon time, and diligent in handling my items with care. Thank you US Movers.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

September 17, 2018

Good Staff

US Movers definitely 5 star company. These guys work really hard, worth every penny. Since seeing how they were working non stop, no complaints about stairs, no breaks I was very happy. Overall, I would use this company because they are honest and trustworthy for me. Highly recommended!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

September 11, 2018

Cheap but reliable

I have relocated on my own before. Trust me, it was a nightmare. This time I decided to hire US Movers Inc for the job. They showed me what it means to have professionals helping you with the move. The movers were so efficient. They arrived on time, packed everything, loaded them onto the van and set off. The whole thing happened so fast. They were so friendly while being absolutely professional. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages. The final bill was shocking. It was just too cheap. I never thought moving companies would be that cheap while being so efficient. I highly recommend them!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Jackson, MS

September 10, 2018

Great service

We used these guys recently and they were fantastic. Professional, efficient and honest. Very friendly, and overall an excellent experience. I will definitely use US Movers again and recommend them to anyone. Thanks Guys.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

September 6, 2018

Excellent Service

US Movers did a really great job helping me move.This was my first time using movers and I can definitely say it was worth it.Very polite crew, showed up early and took care of it very quickly. I would recommend US Movers to anyone looking to hire movers! Thank you for the Great Service.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

September 3, 2018

Everything was perfect

Moving with US movers inc was a smart idea. They really how to make a customer happy! They are efficient, caring and very professional. They have very low rates and price match guarantee too! Their sales rep explained everything to me in detail and also showed me a few ways how to cost cut a few things. He was great! I was moved by an efficient team who moved everything with care and respect. There were no damages upon delivery and the price did not change at all! I am very impressed!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Chicago, IL

August 30, 2018

Professional service

I want to thank US MOVERS for the quality and professional work and also flexible conditions and low prices. The movers were very efficient, clean, respectful, and friendly, nothing was damaged or any scratches. I recommended this company to my family and friends.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Farmers Branch, TX

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $650.00

August 25, 2018

Nice going! Could not be happier!

I had a great time with US Movers Inc recently! I got everything I needed and even more. I called them up because my brother highly recommended them to me. Their seals rep was very nice to me and he offered a very low quote. He also provided accurate estimates and discussed every detail of the move. On the day of the move, a foreman and two of his helpers came to help. They were very professional and efficient. They moved me very quickly and smoothly and did not damage a thing! I highly recommend this moving company to all.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Buffalo, NY

August 23, 2018

They are not pricey at all

These guys have the best service and price ever! Their rates are very competitive! They also provide an excellent service! I hired them last month for my long distance move and got amazing results. They moved me from point A to B without any problems at all. The moving men moved my furniture, kitchenware, household items and gym instruments without any problems. Nothing was damaged upon delivery and the price did not change! I had a very good experience with US Movers Inc! I will use them again.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : New York, NY

August 14, 2018

Moving champions!

These guys are the champions of moving! No one can beat them! They really know how to make a customer happy and how to move you without any problems at all. I hired them a few weeks ago for my long distance move and my move was very nicely managed. The foreman and his two helpers came exactly on time and started to work the minute they came in. In just a few hours all was ready to go. They delivered on the day they said they would and they also helped me unload and unpack. I couldn’t find any damages or flaws! I really do believe in US Movers Inc!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Memphis, TN

August 3, 2018


Hire US Movers Inc! They are not just great, they are super-great! You will love working with them. They are professional, they are caring, they understand, and last but not least, they get the job done without any problems! My wife and I hired them last month to move us cross country and they did wonders! Every single item was packed with care and moved with even more care. Everything was delivered in due time and I could not find a single damage on our things. Their price was right from the beginning and it did not change in the end. This is a moving company worth hiring!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Dallas, TX

July 27, 2018

Seamless moving experience

My move with US Movers Inc went way better than I expected. The foreman and his team came on time on the moving day and moved me out in just 5 hours. All my glassware, valuables, furniture and all other household items were nicely packed and moved. They used many kinds of protection like bubble wrap, shrink wrap, pads, pillow and blankets. Everything was delivered on time and I was delighted to see that every single item was damaged free. I had no errors, no mistakes and no accidents. This is a very reliable and efficient moving company. I highly recommend them to all.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Miami, FL

July 20, 2018

Best in my opinion

I strongly recommend that everyone should at least try US Movers Inc just once. I am pretty much sure after that no one will need to go anywhere else. This moving company has everything you need. They are efficient, caring, professional and hardworking. They move you very quickly and also at a very low cost. My recent experience with this company turned out to be the best. There were no damages, nothing was missing, there were no extra fees and the moving boys helped in every way possible. I think you should all try them out.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Arlington, VA

July 12, 2018

More than I hoped for

Long distance move is very tough to do because anything can go wrong at any moment. We all try to avoid this and hire professionals to do it for us. In my case, I hired US Movers Inc. I saw good reviews about them and therefore I hired them. They had low rates compared to others and their sales rep was very nice and kind. Their moving team was efficient, professional and hardworking. They moved all my belongings properly and moved it such a nice way that all my belongings were returned safely. No extra dents, no extra damages and no extra scathes. My move was quick and easy. I do think they are a reliable moving company.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Columbus, OH

July 4, 2018

No more worrying at all!

If you hire US Movers Inc, you will not need to worry! They will take care of you like their own and they will make sure you are moved smoothly and easily! They are very understanding and they do care a lot. My husband and I hired them a few weeks ago and they have really impressed us. Moving is such a tough task, but this moving company made it so easy! We did not need to do a thing! Everything was nicely packed and moved. They delivered everything in the same condition and there were no damages at all. We had a great experience! Well done!

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Orlando, FL

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