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10 Best Countries for Americans to Move To

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Moving InternationallyAre you looking to move to a new country? Moving abroad could be a great way to start fresh and open a new chapter in your life. There are many countries around the world that happily welcome Americans and make assimilation easier for its new residents.

When moving from America to another country, there are just so many options with each country being different in its own way. No matter what, you should find a new country that will fit your unique needs and provide you with a lifestyle that is customized specifically for you.

Moving out of America and into a completely new country is a bold step but is also one that will bring many amazing opportunities and experiences which makes it all worth it. This list points out the top 10 American-friendly countries in the world that are easiest to adjust to and will give you the most comfortable life.

10. Norway

Home to about 17,000 American expats, Norway is known as 2017's happiest country in the world. Filled with outdoor lifestyle adventures, it is one of the safest and most peaceful countries to live in. Norway also has:
  • Excellent living standards
  • High-quality healthcare coverage
  • Relaxing working culture
  • Beautiful, spacious homes
  • An inexpensive education system
You also don't want to miss out on the chance to experience a natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights displays. Norway is one of the only places in the world where you can get a breath-taking view of the Aurora Borealis.

9. Singapore

Singapore is a country in east Asia that is one of the most efficient, clean, safe and well-developed. This gives Americans an opportunity to properly adapt to the country's environment. According to Gross Domestic Product, Singapore is the fifth wealthiest country in the world with the fourth largest foreign exchange trading center.

This means that the economy in Singapore is booming which is always a huge plus, especially in terms of jobs. Singapore is the optimal location to raise a family because it has a high quality education system, lower home prices and a great healthcare system. All of these provide a secure life.

8. Greece

We've all had Greek salads and Greek yogurt, but have you ever thought of actually living in Greece? Aside from its beautiful
islands, oceans and vivid scenery, Greece also gives its 23,000 American residents other benefits:

  • Good climate year-round
  • Low crime rates
  • The cheapest costs of living amongst other countries in the European Union

If you have an appreciation for intricate designs, exceptional architecture and unique cultures, then Greece would be the place for you

7. China

Although a wide range of China's residents are of Chinese origin, it is still a modern, culture-rich country that accepts Americans from all backgrounds. China is very popular all around the globe for its fast-growing economy, advanced technology and developing complex infrastructure. China is an economic powerhouse with a huge job market filled with opportunities for Americans.

In fact, there are several top companies in America that have offices in China too. If you secure a job in China, you can enjoy higher salaries and lower tax rates. In addition, residents of China lead a fast-paced day to day life with busy streets and populous cities. If this sounds like your type of lifestyle, consider moving to China.

6. Spain

Known for its intense football culture and team-spirit, Spain definitely ranks on Americans' top countries to tour. However you don't have to settle on just taking a vacation to Spain when you can actually live there. Even though 90 percent of residents in Spain are Spanish, they speak a different dialect of Spanish that Americans are not really familiar with. They have a unique Spanish culture which is different from the Spanish culture we know of in North America and South America.

The pace of life is a healthy balance between fast-paced and relaxed living depending on the area you live in. This country also has low house prices and higher standard of living. Living here, you can enjoy an exciting nightlife culture with bars, clubs, street cafes and restaurants. Because of a booming tourism industry, you will never find yourself running out of things to do outside of work.

5. Italy

If the first word that comes to your mind is "pizza" when you think of Italy, then you're absolutely right. In Italy, you can find the most
delicious and exquisite food from pizzas, pastas, breads and deserts. The people of Italy, including the 54,000 Americans living there, are huge fans of food.

The easiest way for Americans to enter this country for residency is through a work permit or through business reasons. You would be leading a very relaxed, mellow pace of life among the vineyards and quaint cities. The Italian culture and social lifestyle revolves primarily around family and close friends. Italian communities are very warm which will make you feel at home in no time. Italy is the place for you if you value close-knit relationships and social networking.

4. Australia

Taking a look on the complete opposite of America on the world map, moving to Australia could give you the adventure of a lifetime. Australia is filled with water activities -- from reef diving and jet skiing to beach camping and surfing. For animal lovers, you will come across some of the most exotic and rare species in the world. Australia is the sixth-largest country but has a low population density (only 21 million). This means that much of the land is preserved for nature and animals thus having lower levels of pollution.

Currently, there are 111,000 Americans living in this country and this number is growing because more Americans are moving to Australia for job opportunities and higher education. The quality of life is above average with a high life expectancy rate and low stress levels when compared to other countries.

3. Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is actually a commonwealth of the United States. All residents who were born there are considered US citizens, so it'll just be like moving to another state. This means that you will have an easy transition into this country, because Puerto Rico uses the same money and has similar systems in society.

You will find affordable housing and real estate options in the buyer's market within the tropics. Just like the US, you benefit from:

  • Taxes
  • Social Security
  • Worker's compensation
  • Good college education
  • Much lower health insurance bills that do not compromise the quality of care

As of the culture, there are tons of outdoor recreational activities, tasty foods, and an abundance of beaches. Make sure you are ready to live your best social life because Puerto Ricans love their parties and festivals and would love to have you join them.

2. The United Kingdom

While being home to the royal family, the United Kingdom is also home to 212,000 Americans. Although the United Kingdom has a high standard of living in terms of housing and food, you still have access to very high quality healthcare and the very best educational institutes in the world. As a resident of the UK, you can benefit from a free healthcare program from the National Health Service. This aspect really makes this country stand out from the rest. The UK also prides itself on their higher education with schools like Oxford and Cambridge which creates great scope of opportunities for American students.

Even though most people tend to gravitate near the London area, exploring past the main cities will bring you to incredible natural sights from country-sides, mountains and vast coastlines. As a small plus, living in the UK will also help you pick up a new British twist to your American English accent.

1. Canada

The number one best country for Americans to move to is none other than our next-door neighbor Canada. Other than the two countries being so close to each other, the lifestyle and culture in Canada is very similar to the United States which means you aren't
bending over backwards trying to adjust. In comparison to the other North American countries, Canada has:

  • Low crime rate and a lower amount of gun ownership which makes it a very safe country to live in
  • More money spent per capita on its education system than any other country in the world
  • Healthcare system that is extremely accessible and funded by taxes to provide medical treatment that is almost free
  • Economic strength and stability with good jobs to expand your career
  • Reasonably priced housing with a nice quality of living

In addition, Canada is the second-largest country in the world which means that there are endless amounts of country sides, mountains, wilderness and lakes to explore.

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on October 4, 2018

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