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10 Best Job Markets to Move To

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There are many reasons to move -- attending the college of your dreams, following a loved one or just getting a fresh start with a change of scenery. However, moves are commonly motivated by financial reasons and there are different job markets that satisfy various needs. Relocating in search of a lucrative career is the most common, especially among young college graduates.

best job markets in the united states

In the current economic uncertainty, the job market has become increasingly competitive, forcing job seekers to remain flexible and seek employment opportunities across state lines. Knowing the strength of the job market in your area is important. Don't shy away from opportunities in rising cities -- and cities that are ideal for young singles.

Here are the best job markets that you can move to.

1. San Jose, California

It's no surprise that California has grown to become one of the top job markets in the country. The tech industry has been thriving for years in Silicon Valley and will continue to be the hub for everything technologic. San Jose is home to many huge companies such as eBay, Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems and Google. San Jose has an average of 301 days of sunshine and an annual mean temperature of 61 degrees. If you love consistently warm weather, then consider San Jose a possible destination.

  • Unemployment rate: 2.7 percent
  • Average mean wage: $79,000
  • Closest college: San Jose State University

2. San Francisco, California

Like San Jose, San Francisco is also huge real estate for the tech industry. The job market here ultimately thrives on tourism, business, finance and technology. San Francisco is home to Airbnb, Lyft, Twitter, Yelp and many other popular software giants.

  • Unemployment rate: 2.4 percent
  • Average mean wage: $69,000
  • Closest college: University of San Francisco

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Although the winter weather may not be the most attractive thing about Boston, this city comes with lots of top-rated colleges and a prestigious healthcare industry. Boston's Children's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital are few of Boston's biggest employers. If you happen to be in the health industry, this is a city to highly consider moving to.

  • Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent
  • Average mean wage: $64,000
  • Closest colleges: Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University

4. San Diego, California

Back in the Golden State, San Diego thrives in the medical and educational industry. Home to ResMed and Illumina, these healthcare companies are listed in the top 10 companies to work for. This city is promising for growth and stability for the future.

  • Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent
  • Average mean wage: $61,043
  • Closest college: University of San Diego

5. Los Angeles, California

The city of dream chasers, Los Angeles attracts all those trying to catch their big break in the entertainment industry. However, the police department is one of the top employers, and the healthcare and personal care industries are prominent. LA has a great work-life balance, so you can work during the day and chase your dream right after.

  • Unemployment rate: 4.2 percent
  • Average mean wage: $62,558
  • Closest college: UCLA

6. Seattle, Washington

This is a huge hub for tech as well. Huge companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing all call Seattle their home. If you are looking for a good start to your tech career, working for one of these giants is a good way to go. According to the Weather Channel, the average high temperature in winter is somewhere between -40 and -50 degrees Fahrenheit, so those who hate cold weather should avoid moving here.

  • Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent
  • Average mean wage: $69,294
  • Closest college: University of Washington

7. Odessa, Texas

Odessa is popular for its booming oil industry -- leaving room for many jobs in the energy sector. The top employers in Odessa include the Keane Group, Saulsbury and the Odessa Regional Medical Center. During summer months, Odessa has very high temperatures reaching the 90s. Although rain showers occur about 39 days annually, sunshine is seen more than half of the year.

  • Unemployment rate: 2.8 percent
  • Average mean wage: $47,160
  • Closest college: The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

8. Miami, Florida

Apart from the beautiful scenery and weather, the tourism industry helps this city produce numerous amounts of jobs. Overnight visitors spent $26 billion from September 2016 to August 2017. Trade and manufacturing are major industries in Miami -- along with architecture, real estate and construction. Royal Caribbean International is a big company who hires often, and they ranked as one of Forbes' best employers to work for.

  • Unemployment rate: 4.9 percent
  • Average mean wage: $52,418
  • Closest college: University of Miami

9. Ann Arbor, Michigan

With a low unemployment rate mixed with middle-class wages, it's safe to say Ann Arbor is a secure place to live comfortably. Ann Arbor is popular for its outdoor lifestyle. Canoeing, kayaking and fishing are a few of the hobbies that are extremely common. The top employers in the area U-M Health System and the University of Michigan.

  • Unemployment rate: 2.8 percent
  • Average mean wage: $56,160
  • Closest college: The University of Michigan

10. Washington, DC

Home to the White House, the nation's capital has many opportunities. The federal government and public-school system are the biggest employers. Jobs in the public sector come with lower salaries but offer room for advancement as well as job security. Although a temperate climate, the summers in DC are warm and muggy while the winters are cold and snowy.

  • Unemployment rate: 5.6 percent
  • Average mean wage: $71,090
  • Closest colleges: Georgetown University, Howard University, American University

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