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20 Thoughts You Have on Moving Day

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Moving day causes a roller coaster of emotions and concerns -- only some of which are actually important. Of all the things that go through our head on the big day, these are the 20 most common thoughts that dictate how your move progresses.

1. "Let's not and say we did."

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Is it time to wake up already? No. You can go back to bed and just move tomorrow. Nobody will notice. Right? Hit the snooze button.

2. "Okay, this won't be so bad."

You muster up the strength to walk to the bathroom and throw some water on your face. How bad could moving day really be? You've done this before and you will not be denied today. Today is your day.

3. "Let's DO this."

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It'll be fun, right? A few of your friends said they'd help, and your new place is so nice -- if anything, this is exciting! Plus, you've already packed all your things, so all you have to do is load them into your car and then you're ready to go. You did pack, right? RIGHT?

4. "I probably should've packed..."

Okay, okay. No need to panic. You've got time to get everything organized before your moving buddies show up. Make sure everything is in its appropriate container and-- forget it, just throw stray items into any box or suitcase and worry about it later. Inventory is irrelevant right now. Let's get you a cup of coffee to fuel up for the rest of the day.

5. "I didn't pack my clothes, but I somehow packed my coffee maker and ALL of my mugs??"

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Again, keep calm. Hindsight is 20/20. Maybe one of your friends will bring you coffee. And it's not like you need it to survive. You'll be able to get through the day without your normal caffeine intake. You're a machine -- you've been running on pure adrenaline since you smashed your alarm clock into hundreds of pieces this morning. And your friends are on their way.

6. "My friends said they'd be here at 8 a.m., and it's 9:30!"

You've had enough time to pack your stuff, have a breakdown about the lack of coffee, then subsequently get over the fact that you don't have coffee. Where are these "friends" of yours? You've looked down to check your watch four times and you're not even wearing one. You don't even own a watch!

7. "Mike, maybe that's enough beer for now."

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Whew, your friends finally showed up. Of course, it didn't take long before they began asking about the "pizza and beer" you promised. As always, your friend -- we'll call him Mike -- goes a little bit overboard with the drinking, thinking it'll "make moving more fun." Well, he might be having a blast, but it's no picnic for you and your other helpers. The couch was difficult enough to move without his dead weight on it. Maybe the beer wasn't such a good idea.

8. "I remember Tetris being much more fun."

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Loading the car is like a game of Tetris, except not a game. It's probably fortunate that your bags and boxes aren't falling down on you as you're fitting them into the vehicle.

9. "Wait... don't I have a cat?"

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You definitely have a cat. Be sure to check your boxes because your feline friend may have made her way into one like the ninja pet she is. Also, don't leave your pet behind.

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10. "Good riddance, old home."

For a brief moment, you may associate all of these negative moving-related experiences with your old place. Your mind tends to focus only on the recent memories rather than assessing the complete experience of living at that house or apartment.

11. "Gosh, I'm going to miss that place."

However, once you're on the road en route to your new place, it hits you. All of those positive memories come rushing back and you know that the experience has changed your life forever.


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Then you get stuck behind a slow car, and you can't see out of your rear-view mirror or your back windows. You quickly rationalize, using out-of-context lessons learned from motivational posters and your grandparents: Move forward and don't look back. Never look back. It's not good to dwell on the past.

13. "I remember this place seeming bigger..."

When you arrive at your new digs, you can't help but notice something. The space appeared much larger when you visited with the realtor. You have a car filled with your belongings, and now you're not quite sure it'll all fit in here. But you are determined.

14. "Where are my things??"

You start bringing boxes in and notice you can't find certain items. Where is your pair of running shoes? You were never planning on running anyway, but you just want to know where the shoes are--just in case you decide to run at some point. And where is that coffee maker?? Wait, do you even own a coffee maker? Boom, two mysteries solved. But just as everything seems to be coming together...

15. "That dress was absolutely white and gold."

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You take a minute to scroll through Twitter to catch up on the day. You see that people are still arguing about that dress and you know deep down that it's an elaborate prank. #TeamWhiteAndGold

16. "Did I forget something...?"

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Oh gosh -- maybe you did forget something. That's why your place seems so empty. The Curious Case of the Coffee Maker reopens. The plot thickens.

17. "This is as moved-in as I'm going to get for now."

You've gotten basically everything out of your car, so that sounds like more than enough progress. It's getting dark, so you decide you're just going to unpack your necessities. Everything important is in a box that one of your friends labeled blue...

18. "Am I... colorblind?"

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Well, this isn't good. You can't tell which box is marked blue because you don't really know what blue looks like. Maybe that dress is actually blue and black... Huh. Maybe your friends can help.

19. "Where did my friends go?"

Did they even come to your new place? And if they did, how did they get back home? They must've driven separately. You are mind-boggled. The ugly truth is that you no longer have friends because you asked them to help you move.

20. "I should've hired professional movers."

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Well, we're not going to argue with you there.

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  Posted by Ryan Hussey on March 9, 2015

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