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All You Need To Know About Energy Efficient Apartments

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Energy Efficient ApartmentsMost of the cost-cutting tips for energy consumption that you will get from others will require you to execute big home improvement projects and structural transformations. You may need to implement insulation in your attic or even incorporate a double-pane window in your new apartment. But if you are opting for a rental apartment, these sorts of major projects won't always be possible. Also, these projects can modify the apartment in a way that will breach your contract.

The total electricity you use monthly is related to your energy bills. For instance, according to the EIA (Energy Information Administration) the cost of air conditioning is responsible for around 12% of your standard energy bill. If your rental apartment isn’t energy efficient, you might need to invest a higher amount of money on cooling the house all summer. The higher your electricity usage, the more costly your energy bill.

However, you shouldn’t worry about minimizing your energy consumption and reducing your electricity bill. You can make numerous changes, but most of them will cost you a lot of money. The most convenient option for you would be to minimize your electricity consumption through daily practices like switching off the lights of the rooms you aren’t using or taking a shorter shower. These are a few things over which you have complete control over and can implement as much as you need to make your rental apartment energy efficient.

In the next part of this guide, we are going to identify a few tips that can make your rental house energy efficient:

Implement a programmable thermostat

It isn’t easy to find an environmentally friendly and sustainable rental house. But the most worthwhile option would be to allow the tenants to implement a programmable thermostat in their rented space. The heating and cooling system in your apartment will be the biggest consumer of energy. Also, if you are buying a water filter, we suggest you get a quality product.

You can expect to pay around $50 for a programmable thermostat that can reduce your energy consumption. A smart thermostat will provide the following benefits.

  • Reduction of energy consumption.
  • Minimizing carbon dioxide emission.
  • Less monthly electricity bill.
  • Remote activation of the unit while you are away from home.

Close up the outlets and switches

While installing an outlet or light switch, make sure you remove the insulation from around the area of installation. If you find air entering through the switches or outlets, you will be required to place gaskets at the back of the switches to protect them from the air. With this, you can prevent the unnecessary loss of heat or the infiltration of air.

Here are a few advantages of installing gaskets:

  • Prevents air leakage
  • Stops air infiltration
  • Lowers the energy cost

Block and seal doors and windows

  • If you have a small gapping problem, caulk is a great material you can use. You can do this at a reasonable price too since caulk is cheap.
  • If you have an old rental home, the caulking around the windows might be missing or have turned old. There might also be missing windowpanes, air leakage through old windows, sashes, window frames, and door panels.
  • You can put plastic sheets up during the winter; however, they will not look good and will prevent the use of the windows for any other purpose.
  • It will be a better idea to close the cracks by using caulking.

Let’s identify a few advantages of caulking below:

  • Increases the unit's temperature with Stopping Drafts.
  • Prevents air leakage through sashes, windowpanes, and doors.
  • Prevents and stops water damage near sinks and tubs.

Take off the plug on unreal energy charges

If your televisions, computers, tablets, or other small appliances are turned on most of the time, we suggest you use a power strip.

  • With the use of a power strip, you can switch off any unused energy devices.
  • Even if you aren’t using electronic gadgets for some time, they still might be current. This means you would be paying for something which you aren't using. We recommend you purchase a smart energy strip, which isn't costly at all and can pay off quickly through energy savings

Here we have a few benefits of a power strip which you should keep in mind:

  • Safeguards your electronic gadgets from lightning or power surges.
  • Minimizes your electricity bill by eliminating unreal costs.
  • Lowers the overall usage costs.

Modify the water heater configuration

If you purchase a sustainable rental apartment, it will have a tankless unit. Most rental homes have customary water heaters. However, a water heater will consume a lot of energy.

  • Make sure you check the temperature setting. The default setting of the water heater is around 149 degrees. You can reduce this temperature to 120 degrees if you want to minimize energy consumption.
  • Don’t make the mistake of setting your water heater lower than 110 degrees. Otherwise, bacteria could grow.
  • If you set your water heater to 110 degrees, you will get lukewarm water rather than getting hot water.
  • Avoid using an outdated water tank as it might be improperly insulated and cause issues in maintaining an ideal temperature.
  • It will be a good idea to use an insulating jacket as this will minimize costs and will maintain a lukewarm water temperature.

Here we will discuss a few advantages of hot water temperature:

  • Minimizing the gas utility bill and electricity bill.
  • Reducing the risk of burning anyone who uses the water.
  • Saving a huge sum of money throughout the year.

Change the furnace filter

  • Make sure to change the furnace filter every one to three months. Each unit will have different requirements.
  • The kind of filter you use will determine the number of times you need to change the filter.
  • Keeping the filter clean is important as it will allow clean air to move through your house. This will even ensure that the furnace is working efficiently.
  • Purchasing a filter isn’t a big deal because it is cheap, and anyone can change it.

Here we have a few benefits of a fresh filter

  • It will ensure that the HVAC unit is running at an ideal level.
  • Replacing the furnace filter will minimize the utility prices by enabling the HVAC unit to function more efficiently.

Change to energy-efficient bulbs

The most notable thing about an energy-efficient apartment is the CFL light bulbs or LED as they’re more commonly known, the costs of which have been reduced to make them accessible to all. Their upfront cost might be higher than a typical bulb, but you will make huge savings all year round. You don’t even have to change all of them at once. You can simply replace the bulbs with new ones when they burn out.

Here are a few benefits of energy-efficient bulbs:

  • They have a longer life compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • Energy-efficient bulbs will minimize your electricity bill.
  • Energy efficient bulbs will minimize your carbon footprints.

Apply window shades

  • Window shields will protect against heat gain and loss.
  • Using heavy curtains is recommended during winter as they will prevent heat loss through the windows. On the other hand, in the summer they will stop heat from entering through the window.

Here are some advantages you might want to know:

  • It will keep the temperature of your house stable.
  • It will minimize the glare in your house.

Buy a humidifier

Implementing a humidifier in your apartment will maintain a consistent humidity level. A humidifier isn’t only effective during the winter season; however, overall, it will have a positive impact on your health.

Here are a few advantages of a humidifier:

  • A humidifier will reduce the heat configuration of the HVAC unit.
  • It will integrate humidity into the air and make your health better.
  • A humidifier will make the ambient air temperature warmer.

Cleanse the refrigerator coils

Most proprietors don't keep top-class appliances in their rental apartments. The coils at the back of a refrigerator might corrode with debris and dust. Since a refrigerator is one of the biggest consumers of energy, cleaning the coils can be a good idea.

Here are some of it’s the benefits of doing this:

  • Improves the longevity of the appliance.
  • Enables the unit to function quietly.

Act and Save

It's a good idea to communicate clearly with your proprietor about the energy-efficient features available in their rental apartment. However, if it isn't available you must check with them about what you are allowed to implement to reduce your energy consumption.

With this guide, you will get a rough idea of the things you can implement to make your new apartment sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If you need any help moving to your rental apartment, you can explore a range of moving companies and shortlist professional movers that suit your budget as well as other needs.



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