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9 Helpful Beach Hacks for an Awesome Summer

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Everyone loves relaxing at the beach, but painful sunburns, stolen belongings, ruined smartphones and stubborn sand stuck in uncomfortable places can threaten your blissful beach day. Avoid beach blunders with the following helpful hacks and make your day at the shore serene and stress-free!

1. Baby powder to remove sand

Can't seem to brush off that pesky sand no matter how hard you try? Pack a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag for your next trip to the shore. Sprinkle some on your most sand-caked areas--baby powder sucks up all the moisture on your skin, so the sand will just fall right off!

2. Fitted sheet sand shield

Avoid a beach blanket or towel weighed down with sand by bringing a fitted bed sheet instead. Place the sheet face down on the sand and prop up the corners with your beach bag, cooler, and other items to create a sand-free beach fort. The sides of the sheet will act as a shield to prevent sand from blowing or being kicked into your area.

3. Sunscreen protection

While you often slather on the SPF to protect your skin from burns and sun damage, your sunblock can provide another kind of protection on the beach. Thoroughly wash out an empty bottle of sunscreen and cut the top off carefully, leaving the cap intact. Stow your valuables inside, such as your cellphone, wallet and keys, and place the top back on. No one will suspect a thing!

4. Beach towel pockets

Two hacks in one, this trick will keep your towel stationary and shield your belongings from sun, sand and moisture. Fold the edges of your towel over (inwards) and stitch pockets along the sides. Use these convenient compartments to stuff your phone, keys, iPod, book, sunscreen, snacks, or any other items you’d like to keep sand-free.

5. Flip flop repair

Need a quick fix to repair rubber flip flop straps that broke loose? If you have a loaf of bread handy, the plastic tab used to hold the bag closed will hold your flip flop together temporarily until you are able to buy a new pair. Push the straps back through the hole in the sole of your flip flop and secure by wrapping the plastic tab around the rubber button to hold it in place.

6. Phone in a bag

Can’t imagine a day at the beach without your favorite gadget to play with? Unfortunately, nearly every major element at the beach has the potential to wreak havoc on your phone—grainy sand, salty water, and the hot sun can all be damaging to any device. Protect your phone by placing it inside a plastic zip-lock bag and sealing it shut (make sure you get the air out before making a seal). Your phone’s touch screen will still be fully functional inside the bag.

7. Turn the wheel

While you’re lying on the beach, soaking up the rays, your car is doing the same in the parking lot. When you return at the end of the day, sweaty and possibly sunburned, the last thing you will want to grab onto is a scorching-hot steering wheel. When you park your car for a day at the beach, turn your wheel around so the bottom takes the brunt of the sun-soaking. You can also throw white sheets over your leather or vinyl car seats to deflect the sun and prevent scalding your skin when you plop into them later.

8. Aloe ice cubes

Soothe uncomfortable sunburns or dry, hot skin with this helpful hack. Fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera and freeze for about an hour. Apply to dry or sunburned skin after a day at the beach for soothing relief!

9. Blow out your ears

Few things are as uncomfortable as water-clogged ears. After a dip in the ocean, clear out your saltwater-filled ears by blowing into a balloon four or five times. The pressure will force the water out of your ear canal.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on August 12, 2014

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