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Best Cities to Move To for Young Singles to Move To

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Once college is over and you've set out to begin a career, you'll notice that money goes pretty quickly. Rent, food, clothes and weekend nights at the bar with your friends can really add up. Combine that with your student loans and you'll quickly realize being young and single in America is quite expensive.

Best Cities to Move To

For young singles looking to find the perfect home offering the best career opportunities, nightlife and affordable living, there are plenty of places that meet the criteria. While some may be obvious, there are a few hidden gems on this list of the best cities for young singles.

1. New York, NY

While New York City may be the most expensive city on this list, it has plenty to offer and is among the best places in the world for young single people to start a career. For an average date night that includes pizza, wine, and movie tickets, you can expect to shell out about $65. However, with a million different bars, restaurants, nightclubs, endless entertainment and picturesque locations like Central Park, you'll never run out of things to do.

2. Boulder, CO

With the lowest unemployment rate in the country for people in their twenties, Boulder is an attractive choice for young singles that want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. Escape to a place that offers a little more fresh air and open skies. Outdoor enthusiasts will love Boulder with its endless hiking trails, bike paths and other outdoor fun at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Plus, jobs in both Boulder and nearby Denver tend to pay very well, and the job market is currently on the rise.

3. Denver, CO

If Boulder interest you, Denver should be another city you should look into. One third of all of Denver's jobs are held by 19 to 34-year-olds. With a great nightlife and beautiful nature trails, Denver will be sure to keep you occupied. Denver is an array of urban and suburban neighborhoods that are trendy, charming and walkable with farmer's markets, coffee shops and boutiques.

4. Austin, TX

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, making it a great spot for young singles to settle. With an abundance of high-paying jobs in government and the technology industry, recent college graduates are flocking to Austin. Austin offers a very diverse community, and the residents enjoy a particularly low cost of living.

5. San Diego, CA

If you're more of a beach person whom enjoys constant sunshine and gorgeous weather, then San Diego is the perfect place for you. One in every four jobs in San Diego is related to the defense industry, so government employment is abundant. Rent is also fairly low throughout the city, and with a high population of people in their twenties (almost 20 percent), there are plenty of people to meet and things to do.

6. Philadelphia, PA

One of the most affordable big cities on the east coast, Philadelphia is a hot spot for thriving young adults. The City of Brotherly Love is a desirable location for recent college graduates looking to settle down in a big city without going broke. The city offers plenty of nightlife options and endless concerts, shows and sporting events. It is located within driving distance of other major cities like New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Furthermore, over 55 percent of the population is unmarried -- perfect for the singles scene.

7. Los Angeles, CA

The second-largest metropolitan area in the country after New York City is Los Angeles. The endless resources available for young people trying to break into the entertainment industry make Los Angeles an attractive place to move. The employment rate is also steady. While the city is one of the most expensive in America, a typical date night at Santa Monica Pier will only set you back about $40 -- not too bad compared to other expensive areas.

8. Ann Arbor, MI

Although it may be a college town, Ann Arbor is also a great place for young graduates. The city features a booming job market and boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at only 2.5 percent. Ann Arbor is perfect for meeting people, because 55 percent of the population is unmarried.

9. Seattle, WA

Although Silicon Valley in California is the capital of the tech industry in America, Seattle is close behind with a rising technology industry that rivals San Francisco's. With major tech corporations like Amazon and Microsoft headquartered in Seattle, along with other large companies like Starbucks and Boeing, the job opportunities are plentiful. Additionally, the average living expenses are 20 percent lower than San Francisco's. There is also plenty to do and see in Seattle, and the abundance of cafes and coffeehouses should make dating easy.

10. Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital is full of young professionals beginning their careers in a bustling city full of extravagant nightlife options and a booming job market. Although most of the city's jobs are in the federal government, there are still many corporations with headquarters in the city. Although the cost of living is rather high, recent college grads can expect to make upwards of $46,000. Also, the myriad museums, landmarks and national parks make excellent date spots for young singles.

Below, we compiled a list of these popular cities and their median one-bedroom rent.

City Median rent
National average $949
New York City, NY $2,106
Boulder, CO $1,115
Austin, TX $1,067
San Diego, CA $1,568
Philadelphia, PA $969
Los Angeles, CA $1,366
Ann Arbor, MI $1,074
Seattle, WA $1,344
Washington, D.C. $1,347

These cities' median one-bedroom rent are above the national average, but they make up for it by offering competitive salaries and recreational activities. Moving to any of these cities after graduating college is a great way to kick-start a stellar life.

Scott Myers  Posted by Scott Myers on January 18, 2019

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