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Finding Services in Your New Town

If you're moving to a new town, how do you decide which businesses (such as doctors, plumbers, and pizza) are worth your time and money?

  • Finding Local Services

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    The work isn't quite over once you've moved into your new home. Part of the settling-in experience is finding all of the local services you're going to need. The following gives you some tips for finding banks, schools, post offices, and other things you might require upon moving...

  • How to Find a Day Care in Your New Neighborhood

    Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on January 15, 2014

    Your child's care is a primary concern when relocating to a new region. If you require day care services for your son or daughter, you should begin looking for a facility in your new city as soon as possible. The following tips will help you conduct research, plan, and make an...

  • Comparing Services in Your New Town

    Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on November 10, 2014

    Moving is tiring. And if you're moving to an entirely different town or state, having to decide which service providers to use after your move is like adding insult to injury. How do you begin to decipher which businesses are worth your dime when you're new in town? Don't fret....

  • When Should You Connect and Transfer Your Utilities When Moving?

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on November 28, 2018

    Setting your utilities in advance will limit the unexpected and reduce the potential stress involved with missed installation appointments, forgotten services, or other problems that crop up. It will also help ensure that all your utilities are up and running by the time you take...

  • Developing a Schedule For Setting Up Utilities

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    Developing an efficient connection schedule for your utilities is very important, assuming you want everything ready to go by the time you move in. You might not think this is a big deal, but there a few things you'll want to consider when setting up your utilities.

  • Finding Phone, TV, and Internet Service

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    Whether you need a simple phone line to call family and friends, a high-speed hub for coordinating your business, or anything in between or beyond, you can find the right combination of services for you and your budget.

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