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Savoring Your New Town

Getting to know your new town, including its people and businesses, can be a fun and exciting prospect. Get the best out of your area with research, communication, and exploration.

  • Finding Restaurants and Other Hotspots

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    Now that you're all moved in and unpacked, you can start figuring out what the local hotspots are in your new town. Restaurants, clubs, and coffee houses: all of these and more could be the popular hangouts. You could always pick places at random and try them out, but, if you...

  • Finding Your Way Around Your New Town

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    Perhaps you'll spend your time meeting neighbors, trying new restaurants, exploring a museum, or interacting with whatever else your town has to offer. However, before you enjoy any of these things, you have to find your way there. There are many great methods for route finding.

  • Seasonal Changes in Your New Town

    Sean McClain  Posted by Sean McClain on August 27, 2009

    You'll have to deal with things like weather changes, holiday frenzies, and school breaks. All of these things will affect you and your daily routine, so be prepared for both the delights and difficulties that seasonal changes may bring.

  • Use the Internet to Explore Your New Town

    Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on April 8, 2014

    Using the internet to explore your new town is an easy way to come up with ideas about what to do or where to go for things you need. Think of all the planning and research you do when planning a vacation so you can make the most out of your trip. If you treat your new hometown...

  • Finding Hangouts After You Move

    Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on March 30, 2015

    Moving to a new town is a pain. You've spent years in your old haunts, establishing your place. Now that you've moved, it's time to start from scratch! How do you transition from spending nights home alone to partying at the town hotspots? Here are some tips! Find the town drunk...

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