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How to Move a Heavy Safe on Your Own

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Move Heavy Safe on Your OwnMoving a safe is not meant to be an easy task; safes are specifically designed to be difficult to move out of a house. Whether it be a home safe or a gun safe, the entire purpose of a safe is to be made in a way where it is very tough to remove. Safes are built to be heavy and bulky so a thief, burglar, or unauthorized user of your gun would not have an easy time stealing it. Whether you are moving your save by yourself or are having a hard time moving it, don't panic because we have some steps and tips on how you can move a heavy safe on your own.

Step 1: Prepare the safe for moving

Preparation is key for making moving your safe go as smooth as possible. Here are a few ways to get your safe ready to be moved. 

  • Empty the safe: Remove all your valuables and precious items you have kept in the safe and be sure that the safe is completely empty. While you actually move the safe, it may jostle around during lifting or transportation so you want to make sure the contents of the safe are protected from that. In addition, your safe will be lighter if its empty, making the move easier for you.
    • Tip #1: Your bank can be a great option to temporarily store your valuable items.

  • Pack away items from safe: Be sure to carefully stow away the items that were in your safe. You most likely had very valuable items that called for storage in a safe. Pick a secure location and keep those important belongings in there while your safe is being moved.
    • Tip #2: If you have a gun safe, make sure you take extreme precautions as to where you will be temporarily keeping the gun. Consider using a temporary lock box or a gun storage case to hold your gun securely while your gun safe is being relocated. Also, have all gun licenses and registrations ready to show your movers and/or authorities if needed. Remember, the safe cannot have any ammunition in it because it is illegal for movers to transport combustible items.

Step 2: Loading the safe for relocation

After you empty the safe and securely store your valuables, now its time to actually move the safe to your new place. Here are some things you're going to need to successfully and cautiously move the safe.

  • Durable hand truck: Hand trucks are a very useful tool for moving heavy and large objects, such as your safe. You can also use hand trucks if you have a gun safe.
  • Moving straps: This is extremely important because it will keep your safe steady and in place while you move it.
    • Tip #3: Please do not just use a hand truck and skip out on using moving straps. Leaving the safe unfastened can cause be very dangerous and cause serious injury while loading and transporting.

  • Strong helpers: Make sure you have a few strong people to help you lift, fasten, and move the safe. Attempting to move your safe on your own can be very risky. Without proper assistance you're risking damage to your property as well as serious injury to yourself.

Step 3: Transporting the safe

Now it's time to for your safe to head to its destination, making its way on and off the moving truck.

  • Moving the hand truck: Once your safe is tight and securely strapped on the hand truck, tilt the hand truck back onto its wheels so that the entire weight of the safe is being supported on the wheels of the hand truck. It is important to have multiple helpers to carefully tilt the heavy safe into this position.
  • Stabilizing the safe: When rolling the hand truck with the safe on top, have at least three people hold the safe in place, in addition to the moving straps, for maximum security to keep it stable. This is necessary because you may have to take the safe down a flight of stairs or come across sharp turns and unexpected bumps which can suddenly shift the safe.
  • Loading the safe: Once you've gotten the safe onto the truck, tilt it back so that the hand truck is resting flat on the floor. Have a few people behind the safe holding it and easing it back towards the ground slowly and carefully.
  • Unloading the safe: When the safe is lying on flat ground, remove the moving strap that is holding it in place, and carefully slide the hand truck out from under the safe.
    • Tip #4: During this process, watch out for any fingers or toes that may be in the way to prevent serious injuries.

If you follow these steps, moving any type of safe yourself can be made easier. You just need to ensure you are using many safety protocols since safes are very heavy and bulky, being very difficult to move. In addition, if you do not feel comfortable moving a safe on your own, you can contact a specialty mover who will save you the hassle and move your safe for you. if you need to find one in your area that can assist you with your move, simply visit the front page of and fill out our free and easy-to-use quote form at the top of the page. You'll then be contacted by up to seven moving companies that will provide you with a no-obligation estimate for your move.

  Posted by Robert Moreschi on October 16, 2018

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