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If Your Pet Could Talk on Moving Day

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Of course you know what you are thinking on moving day. However, it's difficult to know what your pet is thinking. Pets convey most of their emotions through body language, using nonverbal cues to let you know exactly how they feel.

But what if they could talk, just for your move? Well, here's what we think they'd say...

1. "Pay attention to me!"

While you're busy getting everything prepared and organized for your move, your pet desperately craves your attention. Animals don't care what needs to get done -- they just want to be loved. They aren't worried about whatever you're doing with that tape or who's on the other end of that phone call. Now is the perfect time to run around outside or play fetch or feed your pet or scratch his tummy.

2. "Wait... What are all of these boxes doing here?"

Okay, now it has dawned on your pet that something is off. For an animal that is normally so unobservant, your adorable friend has turned into a canine/feline Sherlock Holmes. Sniffing around for clues, inspecting the moving boxes one at a time -- oh no! Your pet finds a few of his favorite toys in one of the boxes and knows exactly what's going on...

3. "Moving?? I'm not going anywhere."

Your pet heard what happened to Jack, his buddy down the street. He scampers into the bathroom and hides in the corner. You try to explain that the Johnsons actually did take their dog to a nice farm because they were downsizing and their new townhouse complex didn't allow pets. Now that you've lost his trust, your pet is too much of a liability to let out of the bathroom, especially when the movers are loading the truck.

4. "The rest of a house is a mess, so I should do my part!"

While safely locked away in the bathroom, your pet changes his mind. Maybe moving isn't so bad after all. He rushes to make the bathroom look like the rest of your place. About an hour passes and you return to check up on your little guy. You are upset with the mess he's made, but you know it's the thought that counts.

5. "Am I doing this right?"

Now that the movers are gone, there are just a few more things to load into your vehicle. You decide to involve your pet in the packing and loading process to keep him busy -- much like you would do for children. Usually, involving a pet in your move isn't the best idea, but your pet isn't like other animals BECAUSE HE CAN TALK.

6. "Okay, where does this go?"

Your furry friend takes it upon himself to make a final run through the empty house before locking the doors. The idea of moving has grown on him, and he desperately hopes you're not actually bringing him to a nice farm like Jack. I don't really like sheep, he thinks. They make silly noises and they're always wearing the same sweaters.

7. "I'm afraid of change."

You've gotten all of your items loaded, and now your pet hops into the car. His roller coaster of emotions continues as all of his fears begin to surface. Where are we going? Was that a farm we just passed? How will I make new friends? You notice how his mood has changed since you left your old home, so you let him sit up front with you.

8. "Slow down and I'll get this thing. It's obstructing your vision!"

Your pet's mood improves drastically now that he feels he has a job to do. As always, his intentions are good but he's kind of getting in the way. You don't have the heart to tell him, so you deal with the stress and keep your eyes on the road... Or at least try to. When you arrive at your new place, you'll know that it will have all been worth it.

9. "That's one small step for kitty, one giant leap for kittykind."

Your pet steps foot (paw?) inside your new place and the event instantly feels momentous. You document the experience with your video camera, likening it to the 1969 moon landing -- except real. A single tear rolls down your face as you watch your best friend settle into his new home.

10. "I'm pooped."

If you think you've had a long day, just look at it from your pet's perspective. When he woke up this morning, he had no idea what was going on, and now he's going to bed in a completely different location tonight. How is he supposed to know what's on the bill for tomorrow? Allow your little buddy to get some rest and try to establish a routine during your first full day at your new home.

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Ryan Hussey  Posted by Ryan Hussey on March 11, 2015

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