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Items to Replace After a Move

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Moving is an expensive undertaking, and you will want to cut corners to save money where you can. However, there are some items you will want to or should replace after your move is finished.

Items to replace

To save both time and money during your move, you will want to part with certain items, some of which you can replace with a quick trip to a local retail store after your move.
  • Easily replaceable items
    • Expired food and medicine
    • Perishable food
    • Shower curtain liners
    • Toilet bowl brushes
    • Toilet plungers
    • Bathmats
    • Toothbrushes due to be replaced
    • Indoor and outdoor garbage cans
  • Items to leave behind
    • Inexpensive furniture not worth what it would cost to move
    • Broken or damaged furniture
    • Damaged household goods and appliances
    • Items you were planning to replace anyway
      • Broken belongings
      • Threadbare hand, kitchen and bath towels
      • Sheets, pillowcases, pillows and bedding due for an upgrade
      • Damaged window treatments such as blinds and curtains
TIP: Can't decide if you should bring something with you? Ask yourself whether it would be cheaper to move the item or more cost-effective to buy a new one after you've moved.

What to do with unwanted items

So what do you do with these items that you will be replacing once your move is over?
  • Recycle or throw out unsanitary or expired goods
  • Donate items that fit within guidelines at a local shelter or salvation army
  • Give away belongings to friends, family and neighbors
  • Hold a garage sale to make extra cash to put toward your move

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on July 16, 2015

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