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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Broken Arrow, OK

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The largest suburb of Tulsa, this Oklahoma town has come a long way since Native American Indians settled on the land and named it Broken Arrow.

The town saw a huge growth spurt from 1980 to 2010, more than doubling its population from approximately 36,000 residents to 99,00 locals, proving the province has much to offer families looking to settle in the Midwest.

With a low unemployment rate and minimal cost of living, many are still moving to the municipality situated between the Great Plains and Ozark Mountains. If you are considering moving to Broken Arrow, take some time to read this guide to see if the area spikes more interest. You never know, you may just find it is the perfect place to call home.

Broken Arrow Climate

Broken Arrow sees four distinct seasons with very hot summers and cold winters. The hottest month of the year, July, averages a high of 92 degrees a and low of 67 degrees. The coldest month of the year, January, averages a high of 47 degrees and a low of 22 degrees.

Fall (September, October, and November) ranges between a high of 83 to a low of 35 degrees during the three months and Spring (March, April and May) ranges between a high of 79 to a low of 35 degrees during the season. Residents have to reach for their umbrellas around 69 days a year for an annual rainfall of 35-inches and grab their shovels only a few days since the area only sees 9-inches of snow a season. Broken Arrow has 228 sunny days a year, giving locals a chance to really enjoy Mother Nature almost all year through.

Broken Arrow Neighborhoods

Broken up into 4 wards and governed by city council members, Broken Arrow neighborhoods are distinct. Cee Jay Acres, Adams Creek Estates, Bentley Village, Fair Oaks East, Lakes at Indian Springs, Quail Run Estates and Williamsburg Estates are just some of the dozens of subdivisions that make up the 45 square mile municipality.

Downtown Broken Arrow has had a facelift with the 2005 revitalization master plan revamping the historic city center. A new performing arts center, farmer's market and plaza, and expansions to area parks have spruced up the sector. Renovated homes and new townhouses in the downtown area add a family-friendly atmosphere to the otherwise commercial area.

Registering Your Car

If you are relocating to Broken Arrow and have an out of state license that is not expired, you will not have to take a written or driving test. However, if your license is expired, you will be required to take both the written and driving test. To obtain a license, you must have primary and secondary forms of identification including proof of identity, proof of full legal name and birth date, and proof of legal presence. Both a United States Birth Certificate and a Social Security Card are examples of acceptable identification.

New residents must register their vehicles within 30 days of claiming residency. If you register your car after that day, you will be penalized and be mandated to pay a fine. To register your vehicle you must provide proof of insurance, fill out a title application, show three forms of identification and provide the vehicle title or bill of sale. Costs for registration vary depending on the type of car and length of ownership.

Broken Arrow Schools

Broken Arrow Public Schools shine with success with 15 elementary and 10 secondary schools in the district that has a 24-1 student/teacher ratio for elementary students and a 27-1 student/teacher ratio for high school students. The district spends approximately $5,750 annually for more than 17,000 students who are enrolled in the system. A small portion of Broken Arrow is served by Union Public Schools as well. Post-secondary sites include Northeastern State University and Tulsa Technology Center. Broken Arrow is also home to Rhema Bible Training Center, which was started in 1974 by Pastor Kenneth Hagin.

Broken Arrow Employment

The cities top three employers include FlightSafety International, Blue Bell Creameries and Windstream Communications. While the aviation, ice cream and network manufacturers fill many jobs in the area, retail and restaurants are popular places to procure employment since the city expanded its economic development in 2007 with the "Advance Broken Arrow" campaign. Since then a, new hospital and medical office building were built in 2010 and will be the center of two upcoming hotels and more retail stores.

With a 3.8 percent unemployment and 29.50 percent job growth, locals do not lack work in town and look forward to future jobs. The Broken Arrow Economic Development Corporation is determined to diversify the districts economy, bringing in healthcare and big box businesses like Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and Dick's Sporting Goods. With all the development, Broken Arrow is seemingly not broken at all, rather, it has a fixed economy where everyone can prosper.

Living Costs in the City

Couple the low unemployment rate with the less than 5.7 percent cost of living compared to the national average and Broken Arrow is a considerable area. According to CNN Money, the median family income is $73, 328 and the median home price comes in at $143,000. Home prices are not the only inexpensive property with the average one-bedroom rental unit beginning as low as $515. Of course the price is higher if you choose to live in a more luxurious unit that offers more amenities. The price of electric, gas and water will also vary depending on the family size and usage.

Broken Arrow Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Broken Arrow, whether you’re moving from out of state or from another county in Oklahoma. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at to get quotes for the following services:

Broken Arrow Transportation

Tulsa Transit gets locals around town on the public transportation system for a fair price. Residents can purchase an unlimited day pass for just $3.25 and an unlimited 31-day pass for $40. When driving oneself, motorists frequent State Highway 51, Broken Arrow Expressway, which leads them right into downtown Tulsa only 20 minutes away. As for flying, locals can catch a plane at the Tulsa International Airport when they need to go a distance.

Culture & Contemporary Life

Between the many parks and neighborhood theater, locals are always having a good time in the area, whether amusing themselves or being entertained by professionals. Aspen Creek, Camino and Centennial Parks are few places locals picnic and play sports, and the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse is where residents lose themselves in the comedy and drama performed on stage.

The Battle Creek, Forest Ridge and Indian Springs Golf Clubs are also popular places to gather for locals who love to hit a hole in one, and the Broken Arrow Historical Society Museum is another great place residents gather for a good time. When they want a little more excitement, locals simply jump in the car or bus and take a 20 minute trip to Tulsa, where they can get a taste of the city life, with excellent restaurants, bars, clubs and music venues right at their fingertips.

Broken Arrow Relocation Tips

  • Be cognizant of exactly what your moving company is costing you and avoid all hidden fees so you are not taken advantage of during an already vulnerable time in your life.


  • Check the forecast and try to pack and load up when it is nice, but if you wind up moving in bad weather, just remember, it is only water and can't hurt anyone or anything as long as you have everything properly covered.


  • If your moving to Broken Arrow from the East Coast, beach up your new home, setting aside one room that you can decorate and retreat to if you miss the shore.

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