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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Daly City, CA

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Home to the Cow Palace Arena, center stage for the Grand National Rodeo Horse & Stock Show, Daly City does it right. Not only is business strong here, but education is excellent in the vibrant California community filled with family-friendly subdivisions.

If you've ever thought about changing things up a bit and moving your family to San Mateo County, consider the quaint town of Daly and all it has to offer by reading this guide. Between the school system and contemporary life, you may just find the area is the perfect province for you and the kids.

Daly City Climate

With 261 sunny days a year, locals really do not have much to complain about when climate is concerned. With a July high of 71 degrees and a January low of 42 degrees, Daly City has a comfort index of 63 out of 100, based on humidity. The American comfort index comes in at 44 out of 100, revealing the Pacific Coast region is more than bearable. With 20 inches of rain a year on 64 different days, locals do not have to seek too much shelter from the storm.

Daly City Neighborhoods

At least eight distinct districts make up the Daly demographic including the Top of the Hill, Westlake, Hillside, Crocker, Southern Hills, St. Francis Heights, Serramonte and Bayshore neighborhoods. As far as architecture is concerned, West Lake wins the prize for its large-tract suburb setting. Not necessarily in town but unofficially part of Daly City are the Broadmoor and Colma neighborhoods that share some city services. The socioeconomic diversity in the district is wide-ranging with some of the most affluent residents living off Southgate Avenue, John Daly Boulevard and Barbara Lane. Notable neighborhoods and streets for educational sites are Oak Court, Skyline Drive and Michelle Lane.

Registering Your Car

To complete the registration process, your vehicle must also be inspected by the California Division of Motor Vehicles. You have 20 days to register your car after becoming a state resident and you must provide smog and weight certification, your last issued out of state title and proof of insurance. You only have 10 days to acquire a driver's license after becoming a resident and you must provide a thumb print, fill out a DL 44 form, have your photo taken, and provide your full name and Social Security number. You must also pass vision, traffic and road sign tests.

Daly City Schools

Although the districts of Jefferson Elementary and Jefferson Union High School are considered the largest in the area, smaller systems like Brisbane, Bayshore Elementary School and South San Francisco Unified School Districts also serve city students. There are plenty of private schools in the region, giving area youth the chance to study a specialized or religious-based education. Post secondary sites where students can pursue a four-year bachelor's degree include the Academy of Art College, six miles away, California State University East Bay, 21 miles away, and Notre Dame de Namur College, 15 miles away.

Daly City Employment

According to the City's 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, healthcare, government and education lead lucrative jobs in the region with Seton Medical Center, the City of Daly and Jefferson Union High School District averaging more than 3,000 employees collectively. Some other top employers in the area include the United States Postal Service, Cow Palace, Genesy's Telecommunications Laboratories and Walgreens. Last reported, the unemployment rate in the region was at 6.3 percent, several points lower than the national average, proving the province can be a prosperous place to live.

Living Costs in the City

Since the economic downturn hit, the last few years have been hard all around America, forcing families to relocate to other regions since they simply cannot afford the cost of living in the community they are in. As far as the numbers are concerned, Daly is seemingly not an attractive location as far as cost of living since it comes in at 54.2 percent greater than the national average. But remember, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average, proving if you can procure employment in the province you will not have to sacrifice any of life's simple luxuries. When you also consider CNN Money's report that the Daly City median family income is $78,889, the cost of living looks even better at second glance.

Daly City Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Daly City, whether you're moving from out of state or from another county in California. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at to get quotes for the following services:

Daly City Transportation

State Routes 1, 35, and 82 are three major routes residents travel when getting around town. Interstate 280 is also highly trekked. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Daly has one of the highest transit ridership compared to other cities. SamTrans, BART and San Francisco Muni Lines are the main public agencies that transports thousands of residents daily, making sure they arrive safely to and from their origin and destination. Only nine miles away, the San Francisco International Airport makes it easy for locals to fly in and out of town at the conveniently located landing strip.

Culture & Contemporary Life

The Cow Palace, former theater for the Beatles, 1956 and 1964 Republican National Conventions and the NHL San Jose Sharks, is just as popular today as it was more than 50 years ago. Each year the Grand National Rodeo Horse & Stock Show holds their largely attended event there, always bringing the community close together. When looking for some outside entertainment, several golf courses get locals on the green for a little exercise.

The Daly City Parks and Recreation Department, which puts forth more than 250 programs and sponsors all age athletic leagues, is loved by locals. Whether you are a senior and would like to participate in a comprehensive day program or are a teenager looking for something to do on Friday night, Daly gives you lots of options. Also noted as a San Francisco Mecca shopping area, with free parking, low sales tax and newly-planted big box businesses, the town touts an economically strong retail environment with Serramonte Center and Westlake Shopping Cent as the two biggest outlets.

Daily City Relocation Tips

  • If you are reading this article because your employer has asked you to relocate or a family member is calling you closer, always remember the things you should consider when moving out of state.


  • So you decided to do it and you have hired a moving company to transport your life across state lines. Once they have arrived with your life in their flat bed, be aware of the truck driver's moving day responsibilities.


  • No matter where you are coming from or moving to, you are going to have to travel, hence fuel. With that in mind, please consider the importance of gas usage and implement alternate ways of saving fuel.

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