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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Pueblo, CO

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Branded America's Home of Heroes, Pueblo has had as many as four living Medal of Honor recipients reside in the region. Between its pride and sense of purpose, Pueblo offers a balanced lifestyle to locals in the province. If you have ever considered calling a Colorado community home, take some time to read why so many residents adore an area that publicizes low cost of living in an excellent environment.

Pueblo Climate

Four distinct seasons make up a steppe climate in Pueblo. Winter averages 33.7 inches of snow annually, with most flurries falling in March. The coldest month is January, average low of 14. Summer, hot and dry, averages 90 degrees daily. The warmest month is July, typical high of 91.

Pueblo Neighborhoods

A consolidation of four smaller towns, Pueblo, South Pueblo, Central Pueblo and Bessemer have created a large locale that became legally incorporated in 1894. Some sections of the city feature school sites while other areas flaunt affluent homes. If you're looking for up-scale living in Pueblo, you will want to check out the homes on Lombard Village and Beulah Valley. If you have young children, you may want to consider living close to the many elementary, middle and high school campuses in the community near Santa Fe Drive/23rd Lane and Pueblo West.

Though neighborhood safety is a priority throughout the entire province, the most protected streets in the city are Red Creek Springs Road and Beulah Valley. And of course downtown is a popular neighborhood where visitors and locals enjoy dining, dancing and shopping.

Registering Your Car

If you own or operate a business, are gainfully employed or have resided in Colorado for 90 consecutive days, you must obtain both a license and registration in the state. After becoming a Colorado resident, you have 30 days to qualify for a driver's license and 90 days to register your vehicle. If you have a valid license issued by another U.S. state, you will usually not be required to take the written or driving test. To find out more about receiving a license and title, visit the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.

Pueblo Schools

There are many private schools in the province where students receive a religious-based or specialized education. However, if not in private school, Pueblo County School District 70 serves area students in its many excellent elementary, middle and high schools. After secondary school, students most often move onto post-secondary school in town at Pueblo Community College.

The two-year public school that offers associate's degree programs is one of Colorado Community College System's 13 campuses and is the main academe that serves Pueblo County. Colorado State University-Pueblo, CSU-Pueblo, is also a notable academe that is part of the larger divisional district of the Colorado State University System.

Pueblo Employment

Pueblo was once the chief financial and social Colorado axis. However, prosperity did not last in the province that was devastated by the Great Flood of 1921. Prior to the flood, Pueblo was the saddle-making capital of the world but lost all of its power when one-third of the downtown commerce was destroyed by the natural disaster.

But residents are not looking back, rather there is a resurgence in growth that has developed since the society became dedicated to turning things around. With a 10.2 percent unemployment rate, locals are still surviving quite nicely in their respective industries of education, healthcare and government that lead the economy. Some top employers include School District 60 and 70, Parkview Medical Center and Pueblo County. On the other side of business, merchant owners work closely with the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce to maintain a lucrative local economy.

Living Costs in the City

Coming in at 13.7 percent less expensive than the national cost of living makes the Colorado community quite appealing. Forbes reports the median family income is $39,075 and the median family home is $79,600. If you decide you would rather rent than own, an average one-bedroom apartment begins as low as $400 a month in the municipality. As for utilities, the cost of service greatly depends on family size and usage.

Pueblo Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Pueblo, whether you're moving from out of state or from another county in Colorado. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at to get quotes for the following services:

Pueblo Transportation

Pueblo Transit is the main vehicle of public transportation in the vicinity. With reasonable rates, residents can ride for dollars with a single use pass at $1.10 or a day pass at $3.30. With up to 12 routes in the region, locals love getting a lift around town. When residents prefer to drive in the district themselves, they travel Interstate I-25. As for flying in and out of the city, the Pueblo Memorial Airport is the local landing strip to use.

Culture & Contemporary Life

Hosting the Colorado State Fair makes Pueblo a popular province. The late summer affair draws thousands of citizens together from all over for the state. Another annual event that has become part of the local culture is the National Street Rod Association's Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals. When not frolicking at the fair or watching race cars, locals love to frequent the many parks in the province. The Pueblo Department of Parks & Recreation and Athletics Divisions provides cost-effective recreation and sports programs for all residents to enjoy. When not getting their exercise, residents young and old alike love to dine, dance and shop in downtown Pueblo. Whether inside or out, there is never a spare moment in the sector that constantly celebrates Colorado life.

Relocation Tips

  • There is no reason to suffer anxiety before and after a move. Take the necessary steps to stay at peace while chaos surrounds you. You can find your chi even while moving.


  • No matter where you are coming from or moving to, you are going to have to travel, hence fuel. With that in mind, please consider the importance of gas usage and implement alternate ways of saving fuel.


  • Tricky terms and the fine print of the bill of lading can turn a move into a disaster if the contract is not thoroughly read. Make sure to double check both the movers' responsibility and yours.

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