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Researching Crime Rates

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There are many things you need to consider when relocating to a new neighborhood. You'll have to take into account such things as the cost of living, climate, and quality of the school system. You'll also want to know about the crime rate of any potential new neighborhood before moving there.

Although crime rates have decreased across the country since the mid-1990s, violent crimes and property crimes can still occur at any time and at any place. Also, there are certain locations that are more or less susceptible to crimes. Knowing about the crime rates in advance can help you select the best neighborhood to move to.

There are several websites devoted to listing crime rates in any given neighborhood. Some of these sites include: Both of these sites provide you with statistics regarding crime in any neighborhood in the country. If your desired location checks out okay, then you may be more encouraged to move there. On the other hand, if a neighborhood has an unexpectedly high crime rate, then you might want to consider other locations.

Even if your new neighborhood has a low crime rate, there is no guarantee that you and your home won't be victim to some type of crime. Regardless of the neighborhood you live in, you should still take some precautions to protect yourself against crime.

To help minimize the risks of being affected by crimes, you can install a security system. The sign of your security system manufacturer placed outside your home can ward off would-be criminals. Another option is to set up a neighborhood watch program, if one isn't in place already.

Did You Know?
According to the CQ Press, which publishes its findings each year, the safest cities in America are:
  1. Ramapo, New York
  2. Mission Viejo, California
  3. O'Fallon, Missouri
  4. Newton, Massachusetts
  5. Brick Township, New Jersey
At the other end of the spectrum, here are the most dangerous cities:
  1. New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Camden, New Jersey
  3. Detroit, Michigan
  4. St. Louis, Missouri
  5. Oakland, California
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on August 27, 2009 - Moving Expert
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