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Talking to Friends and Employers About Your Move

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Telling someone that you're moving away can be a very emotional experience. Moving can impact your life, but it can also affect others around you. Whether you are telling your friends or employers about your move, there are a few approaches you can consider.
  • Collect your thoughts. Make a general note of details you want to share with people related to your move. If there are private areas of your move that you don't want to discuss, it's better to establish your boundaries before you talk about relocating with anyone. Also, you may want more time to include information that you believe will make others happier with your decision to move,
  • Try to talk one-on-one. If possible, it may be better to have a conversation about your move with one person at a time. Telling more than one person at once could result in a bombardment of questions and emotions. A group discussion could also obscure a person's truer emotions, which would otherwise be revealed if they were alone with you.
  • Have a mock conversation. Pretend that you are having a conversation with the person that you intend to tell about your move. This will give you an opportunity to determine how you want to tell certain people as well as think of their possible reactions. Your conversation about moving should still feel natural, but you are just giving yourself and the person you're speaking with an opportunity to be more at ease.
  • Pick a location. Where you tell someone about moving is important too. If you choose a busy or noisy public space, then your discussion might be interrupted or go unheard. Picking a location that is comfortable and familiar will help you set the tone for telling someone that you're moving away.
  • Think about your audience. You'll need to consider if your approach to telling people you're moving will be the same for every person. If you need to adjust what you say to someone in a way that makes you uncomfortable, just keep in mind that you are trying to help ease someone else's understanding of your move.

Telling your friends

Before you move, you should have an idea who you want to tell about your relocation. If you are telling friends, make sure to think of their feelings before your own. Remember, you have had more time to adjust to the thought of moving. Consider the following places where you could tell a friend about your move:

  • Quiet beach or river
  • On a road trip
  • At your house

Telling your employers

The approach to telling your employer you're moving is typically less emotional and more professional than informing your friends. Also, there are certain aspects of your employment that you should consider before discussing your move with an employer:
  • Temporary impact to employment. If you are planning to move during your usual work hours, then you will probably have to request time off from your employer. Giving your job prior notice about your moving schedule could make your employer more supportive of your move.
  • Permanent impact to employment. Depending on your job, you might be able to switch to another office location or telecommute when you move. If moving away, however, means that you have to leave your current position then you should inform your employer as soon as possible. Not only will it be a professional courtesy to give your employer notice, but will allow you to solidify your moving schedule.
  • Impact to payroll. If you move to a state with different tax policies, then this might affect the amount withdrawn or held from your paycheck. You should notify your payroll department as soon as you find out you're moving to another state.
It can be difficult to tell your friends and employers you are moving away, but you can take a few proactive steps to make the discussions honest, straightforward, and comfortable. Moving is important to you, but can affect your loved ones and employers too.

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on August 27, 2009

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