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The Different Sizes of Moving Boxes

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When packing for a move, you are bound to use a lot of cardboard boxes. Even though they come in a variety of sizes, you need to pay special attention to which items you put into the different-sized boxes. If you pack a bunch of small items into a large box or stuff a big object into a smaller box, your belongings might not arrive in the best condition.

Small boxes

Small boxes, which usually have a volume of about 1.5 cubic feet, are ideal for holding your smaller items. You can pack such things as your CDs, DVDs, spices from your kitchen, and canned food items into small boxes. As small boxes are very sturdy, you can use them for packing your fine china, glassware, small antiques, and other fragile and delicate items.

TIP: Use small boxes for packing your books. You are better off putting your books into several smaller boxes rather than one large box, which might be very difficult to move.

Medium boxes

The most common boxes used for moving are medium boxes. With a volume of 3.0 cubic feet, medium boxes can hold just about anything, from several smaller items to just one bigger item. Here are some things to consider putting in your medium boxes:

Large boxes

Large boxes generally have a volume of 4.5 cubic feet and are useful for holding large, bulky items. They are perfect for transporting a wide variety of goods, such as houseplants, large lampshades, and clothes and shoes. You can also pack disassembled parts of your furniture, such as table legs, into large boxes.

Extra-large boxes

As they have a volume of 6.0 cubic feet, extra-large boxes can be used for any items that won't fit into the large boxes. Just be careful not to overload the box and make it too heavy. Extra-large boxes are ideal for carrying big, lightweight, items, such as large lampshades, sofa cushions, comforters, and quilts.

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