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The First Day in Your New Home

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With so much to do and seemingly so little time, you can become overwhelmed on the first day of living in your new home. But there is no need to fret--this guide will give you a few tips on the first day in your new home and how to handle the once in a lifetime experience. There are only a few things you absolutely have to do, and even those tasks are not too tiresome, especially if you have a helping hand.

Slowly unpack

One of the first things you do after you hang your keys on the holder in the hallway is begin unpacking. But remember, there is no rush. As a matter of fact, you will find that you will be less stressed, and more likely to create loving memories, if you take your time unloading. The only two rooms that should be immediately addressed are the kitchen and the bathroom. If you follow this simple unpacking order, you are sure to enjoy the experience, rather than dread it.

The kitchen should be first since you may have perishable foods that need to be refrigerated immediately. Food is expensive and wasting it is never a good idea. After the kitchen, unpack your bathroom necessities, such as toilet paper and hand towels, so you can stay refreshed during your first day in your new home.

Order out

There is absolutely no need to unpack all your pots and pans and stand over a hot stove cooking a meal. You have worked hard enough all day as it is, so treat yourself to some take out and let someone else do the cooking. You will not only get a chance to relax after unpacking, you will become more familiar with local restaurants by researching what is available on your iPhone. And if you don't have an Internet connection on your phone, that is the perfect excuse to follow the next tip.

Knock on your neighbor's door

Forming a relationship with your neighbor is not only healthy, it is necessary for a few purposes. For example, if you find yourself in some kind of danger, especially medical, your neighbor is the nearest person to help you if you are alone in the house. If you become locked out of your home during inclement weather, there is no better place to wait for the locksmith than in the shelter of your neighbor's home. And of course, if you simply need a cup of sugar and don't feel like running to the store to buy it, your neighbor can, and will almost always, come to the rescue.

Take a picture

There is nothing like that shot of you and your loved one standing by the front door of your new home. The picture you take on the first day at your new house can sit for years to come on your mantel, reminding you of the joy and excitement you felt when you unpacked, ordered out and met your neighbors the initial afternoon you settled in at your new address.

Get a good night's sleep

No doubt you are going to be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from moving into your new home. Physically you have been carrying and unpacking boxes all day, mentally you are adjusting to your new surroundings , and emotionally you may be missing your family and friends you left behind. That is why it is so important to get a good night's sleep the first evening you are in your new home. Not only are you spent from hours of nonstop action, you will assuredly be rising early to do the exact same chores the following day.

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Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on May 27, 2013

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