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Times When Moving Is the Only Option

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Moving is the only optionMoving is a stressful process. It takes a lot of planning and organization, so it is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes, people are up for the challenge, hoping to improve upon their situations. Other times, people cower at the thought of moving, accepting their unfortunate circumstances as something they can't change.

However, when moving feels like the only option, it might be the only choice you have. Here are some reasons you should definitely move:

1. Your house is unfit to live in

It is always unfortunate when irreparable damage is done to your home -- whether it be from extreme weather conditions, flooding or old age. There are times when these disasters cannot be predicted nor prevented, and those instances are truly tragic. But there are also times when this type of situation is completely avoidable. It's important to keep up with repairs to maintain your home's livability, or your roof might cave in while you're eating dinner!

2. Your kids deserve a better education

When moving, your children should be a priority. If they are currently in a bad neighborhood, and you fear for their safety, move. If they attend school in a poorly rated district, move.

A good school district is committed to providing their students with a comprehensive education and quality teachers. It should have the resources to serve all students -- whether special needs, ESL, homeless or extremely troubled. A child's education acts as the foundation for the rest of their life, so it should not be taken lightly.

3. You cannot handle the climate any longer

Sure, you enjoy the seasons, but seasonal weather affects you differently as you age. Maybe your allergies flare up every springtime, and you only see relief when the leaves change colors in the fall. Or you're getting older and no longer see the magic of the winter -- just the work of shoveling out your car and the fear of falling on ice.

Try moving to a southern coastal town. Coastal regions relieve respiratory and skin allergies, and a southern locale won't see as much (or any) snow. We hear Palm Beach is nice!

4. A better opportunity comes your way

Even if you're happy with your current situation, and your income is steady, you may have your eyes set on something better. If you're struggling to find employment, moving is a much easier choice. Don't limit yourself by location. Further your career across town, out of state or on the other side of the country. Know when an opportunity is one you can't pass up -- professionally and financially. Is it everything you always dreamed you'd have?

5. You do not have enough room in your house

Whether it's because you plan on having more children or are about to move in with your significant other, your current home may feel smaller than it once was. Relocate to avoid space issues like room sharing or getting on each other's nerves. A fresh start can be beneficial for a growing family by strengthening your bond during the adjustment process.

6. Your neighbors are the worst

It's no secret that neighbors can be less than ideal. Most of the time, you can deal with it and ignore them. But when they consistently put a damper on your day and begin to affect your family's happiness, it's time to move. Annoying neighbors can come in many shapes -- bad drivers, irresponsible pet owners, overly friendly types, chronic borrowers, party animals, gossip queens or garbage collectors. Did you know the most common dispute between neighbors is noise? If you contacted the authorities or some other type of mediator and still cannot come to an agreement, moving will alleviate your stress and (hopefully) land you some better neighbors!

7. You want to see more (or less) of your family

Your family is probably great, but maybe you need a break from them. Perhaps you just graduated and want to start a new life without your mom hovering. If you're tired of constant unannounced visits, you might relocate for additional privacy.

On the other hand, you may currently live far away from loved ones and miss them terribly. If you want to see them more often, move within driving distance. Either way, they'll always be your family, and that's something you can't change.

8. Your commute to work is unbearable

Traffic is the worst. If you drive to and from work every day, you understand losing hours to highway traffic and stressing about being late. If you use public transportation to get to the office, then you also understand the misery and unpredictability of commuting. For many people, the ideal situation would be to roll out of bed steps away from their cubicle. If you can't work from home, then living closer to the office is the next best thing -- especially if you live in an area where extreme weather is common.

9. You no longer feel safe in your neighborhood

If you moved to your neighborhood a long time ago, you may feel like you aren't really familiar with it any more. It starts with little things like not recognizing your neighbors or an increase in graffiti. If the decline affects your personal safety (a recent bout of home invasions or car jackings), it's time to move. When local buildings go unoccupied and children no longer play in the local park, cut your losses and find somewhere new.

Kelly Martini  Posted by Kelly Martini on October 1, 2018

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