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Tips for Fast Packing and Moving

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Moving is stressful enough--try getting it done with rigid time restrictions, and you may end up yanking your hair out. However, there are many strategies and simple methods for stream lining your moving process and getting the packing done faster and easier. Read on for some helpful tips on finishing your move quickly.

Buy your supplies

If you have ample time to pack and move, hunting for used, free moving boxes and supplies can be a cost-effective method. However, if you are under schedule constraints, it will be quicker and easier to purchase all of the necessary supplies from a local moving retailer. Plus, high-quality professional supplies are sturdy and offer better protection for your items. This will limit the chances of mishap on moving day, which would only set you back further.

Throw things out

The best way to cut down packing time? Downsizing the items you have to pack. The less you have to wrap and stuff into boxes, the faster you will complete your packing tasks. Additionally, the fewer boxes you haul, the more money you can save on your move!
  • Search through your closets, bureaus, and wardrobe cabinets for items you don't wear, old and outdated styles, and threadbare, stained articles
  • Toss broken appliances and outdated technology, such as VCRs, old landline phones, and CRT computer monitors (Note: these items can and should be recycled)
  • Clean out your garage, basement and attic--these dusty storage areas will be chock-full of unnecessary junk
  • Sort all unwanted items into three piles: donate, sell and throw away/recycle

Get help

A great way to get the packing duties completed swiftly is enlisting some assistance from helpful friends. Asking for aid when you move can be a difficult subject to approach, but most true pals will oblige with a little cajoling. Offer refreshments, return favors, and ask their availability to schedule for their convenience. With a few pairs of strong arms to pack boxes and haul heavy furniture , you'll get your move completed in no time.

Pack one room at a time

If you are pressured by time limits, you may begin haphazardly tossing items in boxes. However, becoming flustered will only lengthen the moving process. Pack strategically, one room at a time to remain organized and stream line the process.

Leave it full

Don't unpack bureaus or chests just to repack the contents in boxes. Leave clothes and other non-breakables inside dressers, wardrobes, hampers and laundry baskets to save time and space! Just be sure to remove all breakable items from any containers to wrap and box separately.

Be resourceful

Decrease your packing duties by using items to pack other items. Rather than spending time packing your linens and bedding, use them as wrapping for fragile objects or box fillers. Pillowcases are great for filling with shoes, toys, or other odd-and-ends and towels are effective for wrapping glasses and plates. This will also save you money on packing supplies!

Label everything

Keeping your boxes clearly labeled will keep you organized and make loading a breeze. Minimize confusion when loading boxes by knowing exactly what each contains, if it is fragile, and where on the moving truck to place it. This will also facilitate unloading and unpacking, so your move is completed swiftly and efficiently.

To save even more time, color-code your boxes. Designate a color for each room in your home, and use colored tape or stickers to tag the boxes which belong in each room.

Load strategically

When loading the moving truck, make sure you use the proper methods for organizing your boxes and furniture to maximize space and minimize time.
  • Start with the largest and heaviest items: refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other cumbersome appliances, placing them in the front of the truck (closest to the cab)
  • Follow with mattresses, headboards, sofas and table tops, keeping these items along the truck's sides
  • Next, load dressers, dining chairs, and other furniture in the middle of the truck
  • Last, load your boxes--start with the heaviest, balancing out the weight across the floor of the truck by placing the heavy boxes on opposite sides
  • Place your medium boxes on top of the heavy ones, and lightest boxes and those containing fragile items on the top
  • Place small boxes underneath or above your tables and chairs. to save space, and filling in gaps to keep your items stationary during transit

Hire professionals

The easiest and fastest way to complete your move is to leave it up the professionals. Professional packers can complete weeks' worth of packing duties in less than a day. They are trained in the proper methods for packing and use high-quality materials to ensure your possessions arrive at your new home without a scratch. Additionally, hiring a full-service moving company to transport your goods will ensure you are loaded up and out of your old home in a flash.

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  Posted by Nicole La Capria on December 20, 2013

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