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Top 10 Places You Wish You Could Move To

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Have you ever dreamed of packing up, dropping everything and fleeing to an exotic city or remote island? While it often remains a lifelong fantasy, some lucky individuals make their aspirations come true and successfully relocate to their dream destinations. The following are among the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth you wish you could pick up and move to:

1. New York, New York - Every aspiring actor, struggling artist, or lover of culture and diversity dreams of one day   relocating to New York City. Endless options in theatre, museums, and art galleries, authentic ethnic cuisine, a thrilling nightlife, and eclectic shops make this cultural melting pot a haven for anyone with a passion for food, the arts, or history. However, the Big Apple remains a pipe dream home for many because of sky-high rent and cramped living quarters.

Things to consider
: Be sure to thoroughly research housing options and neighborhoods before making any commitments—affordable apartments maybe be poorly-maintained or located in unsafe regions.

2. Paris, France -
Considered the most romantic city in the world, Paris’ cinematic reputation makes it a bucket-list destination for many—and a much fantasized-about place to move. A mecca for fashion, culture, beautiful architecture, and delicious food and wine, it’s no wonder Paris is idealized by so many Americans as a dream destination. While not always practical to move overseas based on a romanticized perspective, your goal of living in Paris can be realistically achieved with thorough research to ensure you will thrive there.

Things to consider: Life in France is more relaxed than and not as deadline-oriented as life in the US. Learning French is key (locals appreciate the effort), and be prepared to deal with a lot of red tape—France is known for its bureaucracy and you will require significant paperwork and documentation just to open a bank account.

3. Kauai, Hawaii - Does laying on white sandy beaches, hiking up volcanoes, and blissfully enjoying nearly year-round sunshine sound heavenly to you? One of the most popular tourist and honeymoon destinations in the world, Hawaii is an undisputed paradise. The island of Kauai is not as overrun with tourists as Maui and the Big Island, so it is considered more peaceful and ideal for moving permanently.

Things to consider
: It is very expensive to live in Hawaii, many of your favorite comfort foods and products may be unavailable or extremely costly, and you will be extremely far away from loved ones.

4. Tasmania, Australia - A breathtakingly beautiful island off the southern coast of Australia, 45 percent of Tasmania is comprised of natural and untouched land. Filled with beaches, majestic mountains, and a vast variety of unique flora and fauna, Tasmania is a coveted home for those that love nature and fresh, clean air.
Things to consider: Finding a job can be difficult in Tasmania—many positions are tightly-held and word of mouth goes a long way. Networking, making connections or using a temp or staffing agency will greatly help you secure employment.

5. The Fiji Islands - Ever long to live on a remote island, away from civilization and the hustle and bustle of fast-paced society? The Fiji Islands are paradise in the Pacific-- located south of Australia, the islands boast pristine beaches, beautiful coral reefs, a tropical climate, and rich culture and diversity. Fiji has a large expat community, and though detached from many modern luxuries, living among other transplants may help you feel like home.

Things to consider: The economy in Fiji has suffered in recent years, causing a spike in burglaries and petty crimes. The islands are also highly susceptible to tropical storms, and housing must be properly equipped to sustain them.

6. Tuscany, Italy - The birthplace of the Renaissance, this region in central Italy is known for its rich history, preserved architecture, artistic legacy, breathtaking landscapes, beaches and vineyards, gourmet wines, and delicious cuisine. If you’re dreaming of owning a beautiful Italian villa in Tuscan wine country, or in the stunning city of Florence, you are certainly not alone.

Things to consider: Life in the glamorous region can be expensive, but it is considerably more affordable in smaller cities and villages, rather than high-profile places like Florence or Siena.

7. Taranaki, New Zealand - New Zealand is known for its gorgeous, picturesque landscapes and natural beauty—and Taranaki is no exception. The city surrounds Mount Taranaki, which features over 300 miles of hiking and ski trails. Parks, gardens, beaches and surf coasts provide residents with beautiful views and endless outdoor recreation. The city also boasts museums, art galleries, music festivals, minimal traffic and a pleasant, temperate climate.

Things to consider
: New Zealand can be highly expensive—nearly everything is imported, and cost of living is quite high as a result. Living a frugal lifestyle is common in New Zealand to make ends meet.

8. Prague, Czech Republic - Known as the city of the thousand spires, this magical place is brimming with regal historical monuments, bridges, beautifully preserved Gothic architecture, and charming cobbled streets. Prague is considered one of the world’s most monumental cities, with an atmosphere that could have been snatched right out of a fairy tale. Hip bars and diverse restaurants add to this unique city’s appeal.
Things to consider: Winters can be brutally cold in Prague, and cool and rainy in spring and summer. Sublime weather is not one of the city’s qualities. Pickpocketing and car theft can also be fairly common in the city, so it’s best to park cars in public garages and keep valuables in a safe and secure place.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Known famously as “the marvelous city," Rio de Janeiro is one of the most naturally beautiful cities on the planet. Golden sandy beaches, majestic mountains, lush green vegetation, lagoons, and blue waves create an awe-inspiring and portrait-worthy landscape. If you dream of spending your days sunbathing, splashing in the surf, or enjoying a vibrant nightlife, living in Rio de Janeiro would be a fantasy come true for you.

Things to consider
: Rio has a bad reputation for being a dangerous city, ridden with crime and overrun by drug lords. However, there are relatively safe regions in the city to reside, particularly in southern Rio, such as Copacabana and Ipanema. The northwestern region is known for higher crime, so be sure to thoroughly research neighborhoods before relocating. Always be aware and vigilant about safety when visiting bars or spending the day on the beach.

10. Amsterdam - Known as a city (and country) with few rules and a penchant for partying because of the famed red light district, Amsterdam is a huge draw for those seeking adventure and a good time. However, this lovely city also boasts elegant Dutch architecture, canals and footbridges, art galleries, quaint cafes, and the locals’ vibrant “live-and-let-live” attitude.

Things to consider: Owning a car in Amsterdam is quite costly and inconvenient—there’s limited parking options, a high road tax, and the canals—while beautifully charming—greatly affect the efficiency of the road plan. Driving is typically not quick or practical, and transportation is easier with the extensive public transit. The city is also highly bike friendly, with many residents traveling via bicycle.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on July 24, 2014

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