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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move

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Are you thinking about planning a move? There are many reasons individuals pick up, pack up, and relocate—some are practical, and others poorly-thought out and rash. Moving is a major life change and shouldn’t be a decision made hastily. Check out our top 10 reasons to move that will benefit you and leave you without any regrets!

1. You need a fresh start - Are you feeling bored, stifled, or stuck in a mundane, repetitive routine? Are you craving a new adventure, new surroundings, and new experiences? Moving is the best way to jump start your life and rejuvenate your soul. You will meet new people, form new relationships, and depending on how far you move, be introduced to new regional culture. A change of scenery is often a great way to alleviate mental stagnation and overall boredom.

2. You have a job opportunity - One of the best reasons to move is lucrative or worthwhile job experience. If your current region lacks ample opportunities in your desired field, relocating to a new area can expose you to a higher concentration of available positions. If you live in the rural Midwest and are studying culinary arts, moving to a city with a booming restaurant industry will positively affect your career. Additionally, if you currently work for a company that offers promotions for employees willing to transfer, an eagerness to take a position elsewhere could benefit you financially.

3. You want to experience a different culture - Immersing yourself in different cultures is the best way to gain a larger perspective, build character, and appreciate diversity. Moving to a new place will expose you to unique customs, exotic cuisine, and new regional pastimes with which you may be unfamiliar.  You don’t have to cross an ocean to experience a new culture—you’d be surprised to learn how differently others live in other states as well. Those that move from the fast-paced East Coast to the more laid-back West Coast often experience staggering cultural shock from the strongly contrasting lifestyles.

4. You want to become more independent - Whether you live at home with your parents or share an apartment with several roommates, moving can supply you with exhilarating freedom and a new-found independence. Plus, moving long distance to a place where you don’t know anyone encourages self-reliance and resilience of character. Without familiar comforts and loved ones nearby, you will have to learn to weather the storms all on your own.

5. You need a larger home - Have you expanded your family? Has your tiny studio apartment become too suffocatingly cramped and you now have the means to upgrade? Moving to a more spacious place is a common and worthwhile reason to relocate. However, before making the decision to rent or purchase a roomier pad, consider your budget to make sure you can afford it and the added costs (higher utilities, maintenance, etc).

6. You don’t like the weather - Do you the hate gray, gloomy days and rain in Seattle? Sick of the overwhelmingly sticky heat and humidity in Miami? Despise the frigid conditions and never ending snow in Minneapolis? Disdain for the regional weather is a great reason to move—weather has a great effect on our daily moods and can negatively impact our quality of life.

7. There’s a lot of crime in your city - If you are feeling unsafe in your current neighborhood, it might be time to move on. While it is usually more affordable to live in a place with less-than-desirable crime rates, there comes a time when safety will take prevalence—particularly when you decide to start a family. You can research regional crime rates on websites like or, call the city’s police department for information and statistics, or check the local news sources.

8. Your city isn’t family-friendly - If you have children, meeting their needs becomes a top priority when choosing a place to live. If your current city has poor schools, high crime, or a lack of family-friendly recreation such as nearby parks, it’s a good idea to move to an area better suited for your children.

9. The cost of living is too high - Has day-to-day life in your city gotten too expensive to make ends meet? Major cities and highly-populated areas can have astronomical costs of living when compared to rural and suburban areas. If you are looking to buy a house, have kids, or start saving more money, relocating to a less costly region is a smart move.

10. Moving can be good for your health - If you are aging or have certain health issues, moving may actually improve your physical well-being. Moving to a quieter, more peaceful locale can alleviate stress and strain on the heart for those with blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Cold weather wreaks havoc on muscles and joints - moving to a warmer climate provides relief from those suffering from arthritis or similar ailments.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on July 22, 2014

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