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Top 12 Reasons Why People Move to a New Home

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Why People Move to a New HouseMoving your entire life to a new location takes time and money while causing anxiety and possible damage to your belongings. So why do so many people choose to willingly move to a new house?

There are many reasons why people move to a new home -- whether smaller or bigger. Some are obvious reasons like job relocation or having children, but there are plenty of other cases when moving to a new home is the best (or only) option.

1. Independence

No one wants to live with their parents or roommates forever. There will be a time in your life where you will feel like it's time to create a life for yourself independently. Buying a home is a big step, and you will only know when you are ready for it -- both mentally and financially.

2. Relationship status

Many times, a new house purchase is caused by a change in your relationship status -- whether that means engagement, marriage or divorce. After (or before the vows), it's time to merge your lives in a big way. Nothing says "I love you" like sharing a mortgage. And if you're getting divorced, find a new house that is 100 percent you, because you no longer have to care that your ex likes wraparound porches!

3. Financial struggle

When dealing with financial strains like losing a job or getting a divorce, many people have no choice but to move. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you don't move, you risk losing your home to foreclosure, and it's much harder to get back on your feet after that. In a smaller home, you'll be able to save on utilities and maintenance costs.

4. Better school district

A safe and educationally awarding school district should be a family's main focus when choosing a place to live. As families grow, it is important that the neighborhood is safe -- and that the district ranks well in the state. When a young couple first moves, they do not think about the schools for kids they don't yet have, but it becomes an important reason for families to move down the line.

5. Bigger and better house

Buying a new home is the best way to reward yourself after years of hard work or upgrade if your current home is obsolete or falling apart. Or sometimes, you just need a change. Maybe the new house has a better backyard, or it features a state-of-the-art home automation system.

6. Smaller, unfamiliar living space

As people get older, they have different needs and ways of living. As children start to move out, you don't need as much house as you did before. It also helps empty nest syndrome if you aren't living in the same house your kids grew up in. A new home will have no old memories attached but opens the possibility for new ones!

Senior citizens, in particular, will downsize to a single-story home for safety reasons. Stairs take a lot of energy and are dangerous for fall risks. Not to mention smaller homes are easier to take care of and more comfortable on your wallet.

7. Job relocation

Moving to be closer to your job is something that is not always required but will save you stress on your morning commute. Longer drives will cost you in tolls, gas and mileage on your car. A closer home will be worth the price tag when you no longer have to deal with heavy traffic or hours of driving.

Sometimes, a career prospect mean a long distance relocation. It's pretty common in the US for people to relocate for a job, and many companies offer a relocation package to help offset the costs of moving.

8. Proximity to friends and family

If you end up moving too far from friends and family, you'll lose your support system. You'll know when it's time to move closer to them. When you need to be around to the ones you love, find a new home near the most important relationships in your life. This usually happens after a tragedy -- like the death of a loved one or a divorce.

9. Change of lifestyle

When the suburban life just is not for you, it's time to try out the city... or vice versa. When moving, you might think you know what you like until you experience it. It's okay to change your mind. You should feel comfortable in the place you live. You can test out different cities and towns to see where you fit best. Rent first, so you aren't tied to real estate in a location you hate.

10. Retirement

Throughout your whole life you have been working hard, and it's time to enjoy life. Many senior adults move to a tropical climate where they can just relax. Moving after retirement lets you move to a place you always wanted to without stressing about find a job.

11. Health issues

Heavy snowfall, damaging hurricanes or intense heat can drive you to want to move out of these harsh conditions. Some towns are not well updated with smooth roads or always get hit with the worst types of storms. If you suffer from seasonal health issues, such as allergies, or are an elderly individual who is a fall risk, it's time to move somewhere with better climate control.

12. Growing family

It might become necessary to get a bigger house as you begin to add new members to the family. As your family grows, your kids will want their own rooms. Closets will be filled to the rim; your dining room will double as a study area everything will feel too close for comfort. Moving to a bigger home will help your family find some privacy. It's wise to allow everyone the room and space they deserve -- especially if you have teenagers!

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