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Using Technology to Make Your Move Easier

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Technology has made a lot of things easier over the past few years, as it enables us to be more educated when making important decisions. Never again will we have to make a major purchase without being able to read hundreds of customer reviews online.

Technology has changed the moving industry, too. With all of the moving resources we need available right at our fingertips, it's never been easier to relocate and to find helpful advice on everything you need to know when you're moving.

Using technology to find a new home

Whether you are relocating for a change of scenery, to be closer to family, or because of your job, you're going to be doing a lot of house-hunting until you find the perfect place to settle down.

Thankfully, new technology makes searching for a new home much easier than it used to be. Before the Internet, you would have to contact area realtors, get brochures, or you would actually have to visit the area in person to see what was for sale.

Now, all you need is an internet connection and you can visit one of hundreds of real estate websites that list every single property for sale or rent in any given zip code, including pictures and details of the home.

Real estate websites and smart phones apps are some of the most convenient ways to search for a new home, and certainly make the home-buying process less stressful. Of course, once you narrow down your search to a few homes you'll still have to visit them in person and check them out yourselves with the help of a realtor, but the search itself is a lot more painless thanks to modern technology.

Find the right mover using the internet

Before the rise of smart phones and computers, people found movers using the old trustworthy method of "word of mouth". They talked to friends and family members who had moved recently and asked which moving company they used, and whether or not they did a good job. If that method failed, there were always the Yellow Pages, where they could flip to the "M" section and look up the local moving companies in the area.

With the Internet, finding a moving company has become much simpler. Now, websites like can present you with a long list of moving companies in your area that you can choose from, and all you have to do is enter your zip code.

You also have access to moving reviews, something that you didn't have the luxury of a decade ago. Now, instead of hearing about a moving company from friends and family and taking their word for it, you can read the reviews of hundreds of customers just like you and see what they have to say about a moving company. Moving reviews can be an invaluable resource for making your final decision on a moving company.

Apps to help you pack and move

In case you were wondering, yes, there are in fact apps for that. In fact, there are numerous apps available for smart phones that can help you organize your move down to the most last-minute details. These include recording your moving inventory, keeping a list of all of your items, tracking your moving budget, not spending more time than you've allotted for the move, and giving you helpful tutorials and videos on how to pack correctly.

Here is just a small list of moving-related apps available for smart phones that can help you with everything from planning your moving inventory to preparing a moving budget and moving checklist:
  • Moving Guru
  • MoveMatch
  • Moving Van
  • moveAtlas
  • Move Planner
  • MyMove
  • uPackingList
In addition to the countless moving resources available on your smart phone, there are tons of resources also out there for people who choose to get their information elsewhere, or maybe don't have access to smart phones. There are moving websites all over the internet that feature moving guides, videos, and articles to answer just about every question you could possibly have about the moving process.

In fact, you're reading a helpful moving guide right now, and how did you find this resource? You most likely found it by searching the internet for information about moving and stumbling upon our extensive collection of hundreds of moving guides.

  Posted by Robert Moreschi on February 25, 2013

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