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What Are the Top Cities to Move to in the US?

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top cities to move to

When deciding what city to settle down in, many factors come to play in your mind such as job prospects, community, climate or affordability. Fortunately, there are many cities in the US that can meet or exceed your needs.

We've hand-picked a list of the top cities that have been attracting the most residents over a span of five years. Continue reading to find out which cities in the made the list and why you should consider moving to them.

11. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one place you'll always need your umbrella. With a metro population of 3,671,095, Seattle is slowly but steadily becoming one of the most "happening" places to live in; net migration has increased by 5.39 percent in five years.

Seattle is known for its great economy and great job market with an average annual salary of $61,170. With Amazon headquarters and Microsoft in the city's hub, job opportunities are thriving with lots of room for career success. Living here will also mean living near the first Starbucks ever -- something serious for you coffee-lovers to brag about.

If you are someone who loves nature, mountain ranges, fishing or boating, Seattle is the place for you. Although it does rain quite a bit in the fall and winter seasons, the natural beauty of the city is never compromised. You'd be pleasantly surprised to know that Seattle summers are filled with warm sunshine and blue skies.

10. Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix has more to offer than just desert and cacti. Even though Phoenix serves as the hot spot for retirees and older adults, more and more residents from younger age groups are moving here because of its affordability. There are currently about 4.5 million residents.

Housing and cost of living is on the cheaper side. The median home price is only $235,333 which means you really get bang for your buck. Phoenix is home to the well-known Arizona State University with very cheap tuition and a great quality education.

In terms of the job market, more and more corporate offices are appearing in downtown Phoenix. It is a growing city which means more job opportunities. Over five years, the metro population has grown by 6 percent and is steadily increasing.

9. Jacksonville, Florida

Who would pass on the opportunity to bask in the warm sun all day? Currently, almost 1.5 million people are enjoying the sunshine in Jacksonville with the population increasing by 6 percent from net migration. The business district is growing, making people from all different ages are moving here.

With a very low cost of living, deciding to settle here is very tempting. The average price of a home is $184,508, and the city is in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of Ponte Verda and Amelia Island. In Jacksonville, you will never run short of fun activities to do such as hiking trails, surfing and eating at great restaurants in the downtown area.

8. Denver, Colorado

Amongst the endless Colorado mountain ranges, you'll find the city of Denver. People who live here are easy-going residents that are really into fitness, outdoor activities and mother nature. If this sounds like you, Denver might be the right fit.

The median home price is $362,492, but it's affordable for the average annual income is at $55,910. In the past few years, this city has experienced a surge in population with a metro population of 2,752,056.

Even though the cost of living is increasing because of such an increase in population, the desirability to live here is increasing, too. Living in Denver also means you're only about an hour drive away from the famous Rockies. Other recreational mountain areas such as Cherry Creek State Park and Red Rocks Park are closer and have endless adventures to offer you -- from skiing to snowboarding.

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas

When people want to move to a top city, most don't think of Arkansas. Fayetteville is located in the northwestern area of Arkansas and is the largest metro area, home for 503,642 residents which has increased by 6.44 percent in the last five years.

Relocating to Fayetteville is a smart choice because its very affordable; the median home price is $182,508 alongside a $44,980 average annual salary. Residents of Fayetteville love their city because of the friendly people and lively southern culture. This makes it easier for you to assimilate and get involved in the community you live in.

The city loves holding festivals, live concerts and food events. Neighboring the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville is great for outdoor lovers since it is thriving with greenery, parks and playgrounds.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

When you think of Las Vegas, most think of luxury, glamour and lights. However, there is more to this city than the strip. Beyond the hotels and casinos, residents live a quality life. You might find it interesting to know that the cost of living is pretty low here even though everything on the strip is so expensive due to tourism.

The 2,070,153 residents of Las Vegas enjoy a median home price of $232,533 with an average yearly salary of $43,480. Not only will you find tons of entertaining activities in Las Vegas, you will also find that it has a growing job market.

Outside of the fast city life, the beautiful national parks cab be appreciated as well. Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park are all tokens of nature that bring with them fun outdoor activites.

5. Boise, Idaho

Aside from amazing potatoes, Boise has a lot more benefits to offer to its residents. About 664,000 people live in this city filled with adventurous activities to do among the mountains, canyons, rivers and lakes. If you are fond of enjoying yourself in outdoors, Boise is a place to look into.

Residents also benefit from low taxes, low car insurance and low monthly energy bills which makes Boise even more appealing.

The downtown area of Boise is growing and reaching new accomplishments, such as the Zions Bank Building, the tallest building in Idaho. One thing its residents love is how much of the produce and food in the grocery store is locally sourced. Since it is a more suburban/rural area, lots of farming and agriculture goes on here which provides you with the freshest foods. People living here pay an average of $221,475 for housing and receive an average salary of $43,040.

4. Houston, TX

Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Its metro population is a whopping 6,482,592, but it still has an amazingly affordable cost of living. Many cities with this many people living in it do not have as low housing costs as Houston.

The median home price turns out to be $216,575, and the median annual salary is $52,870.

Houston attracts so many residents because some of the largest companies are headquartered there. The oil and gas industry is booming which translates to some serious job opportunities. With Houston being such a culturally diverse city, there are so many different events and foods to embrace. As a bonus perk, residents get to enjoy yearly warm weather which is great for those looking to skip the snowy winters.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina 

Charlotte is the perfect mix between some old-fashioned southern culture and a hU.S.tling urban city. The metro area is on its way to reaching its maximum potential, adapting a more city-like lifestyle and a net migration rate of 6.64%. As of now, the population in this city is 2,381,152 and this number is growing. The cost of living here is affordable, coming up below the national median with a price pint of $200,942. The average person makes almost $50,000 and the room for jobs are increasing since the city is continuoU.S.ly evolving into a better economy. If you also want warm weather year round with splendid beaches nearby, Charlotte is the place for you.

2. Orlando, Florida

Although Orlando attracts tourists from all around the world because of Disney World and Universal Studios, it also attracts residents because of its wholesome quality of living. This is the ultimate spot for those who want to be home to warm weather year-round.

2,328,508 people reside in Orlando. Not only do they enjoy easy access to the theme parks, there are also plenty of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and sports games for you to enjoy.

The city itself is beautifully landscaped with gorgeous homes and apartment complexes that have an average home price of $213,717. This price is on the more affordable side, being that the average annual salary is $43,060. Why settle for Orlando as your vacation destination when you can live there all the time?

1. Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas is home to 1,942,615 residents, all of which love living here because of the city life, outdoor activities and rich culture. Austin is considered the Live Musical Capital of the World, because everyone living here is a huge fan of the culture. Austin has many music venues and holds many live concerts and festivals. If you have a good ear for music, then Austin may be a good choice for your new home.

The economy is getting better and growing at a quick pace. The median home price comes out to $278,608 which is on the higher side, and the average person makes $50,830 per annum. Residents of Austin do not have to pay personal or corporate income tax and are only responsible for a low local and state tax rate which offsets the higher home prices. Although the summers can get pretty hot, there's always air conditioning. Plus, you'll enjoy mild winters and falls.

When it comes to moving, it is important to consider the top cities to move to in the US. This way, you can lay out your options and consider all factors from each city to pick the best place for yourself or for your family. All of these cities have beautiful scenery, a growing economy, job opportunities, affordable costs of living and fun activities which earn a spot on this list. We hope that this selection of cities will help you make the best decision on which city is perfect for you.

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