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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY moving from Miami FL to Boston MA
Moving Review on We Care For You

Reviewed By Anthony on - 17 Views

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My family has moved across the country 5 times prior to using We Care For You and they are by far the worst moving service I have ever used. Our stuff was extremely mishandled and much of it broken. Two of the employees tried stealing from us. First, they added a bunch of hidden fees to the invoice upon arrival. The pickup movers skimmed $100 off the amount I paid them and gave it to their boss $100 short, who thought I had underpaid. I'm not sure if they ever addresses this with the employee who tried stealing from us, but they wanted the $100 from me! Luckily I had proof that I did not short them $100. While our stuff was traveling towards our drop off location they decided that they "underestimated the weight of our materials" while quoting us, so they asked us for an additional $700, even though we accurately listed everything when we started the process and it’s THEIR estimating system that was wrong! When our stuff arrived at our new home 8 days later almost every box looked like it was thrown down a flight of stairs or beaten with a bat. To explain the extent of how poorly our stuff was treated, a strong wooden table was cracked completely in half like a 500lb person sat on it. Even an armoire they “special wrapped”, which we paid extra for, was broken. The drop off movers were rude, throwing our stuff around, sliding things that said “fragile” down stairs, and then hassling me for more money for a tip. Several items were broken, for a total loss of $1,500+ in damages. A VP of the company called me up the next day. She was rude, gave me what sounded like an insincere “sorry” and passed me off to an insurance company, who doesn’t even give you a fair fraction of the value of the damaged items. AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I don’t want to see anyone else’s stuff ever being treated the way our stuff was.

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Origin:Miami, FL
Destination:Boston, MA

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