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Everything was fine except the final payment versus the estimate moving from Waldorf MD
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It was fine, it was just ... the estimate was way, a lot lower ... two thirds lower than what it ended up costing. You know, I didn't like that. Other than that, the men were great, everything else was great.

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Origin:Waldorf, MD
Destination:Ellicott, MD
Move Size:Partial Home
Appx. Move Dt.:3/28/2015

Approximate Moving Inventory: Appliances - Vacuum Cleaner 1, Bedroom - Bed, King 1, Bed, Standard Double 1, Box, Large 6, Box, Medium 15, Box, Small 10, Dresser, Double 2, Night Table 1, Rug, Small 1, Dining Room - Rugs, Small Pad 4, Kitchen - Box, Large 4, Box, Medium 10, Box, Small 10, Breakfast Table 1, Stool 2, Utility Cabinet 2, Living Room - Bookcase 1, Box, Large 2, Box, Medium 5, Cedar Chest 1, Chair, Occasional 1, Chair, Rocker 1, Chair, Straight 4, Curio Cabinet 1, Day Bed 1, Lamp, Floor 2, Sofa, Per Section 2, Tables, Coffee 2, Tables, Dropl/Occasional 1, Tables, End 2, TV Stand 1, TV, 19" to 42" 2, TV, Console 1, TV, 42" or Above Big Screen 1, Misc. - Bicycle 1, Box, Large 10, Box, Medium 15, Box, Small 10, Card Table 1, Clothes Basket 2, Clothes Hamper 1, Office Desk 1, Pool Table Comp. 1, Suitcase 2, Trash Can 1, Wastepaper Basket 2, Porch and Outdoor - Glider or Settee 2, Ladder, 6' Step 1, Table, Small 1

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