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good work just one issue
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The movers were great . It was heavier furniture than I guess they expected but they got everything I ask for. They were professional. The only issue was the price . I spoke prior to secure a budget when they arrived I was told dye to the type of furniture and some utems were not boxed they needed to shrink wrap and etc... in addition the 3 hrs turned to 7. I was in a type schedule so we had to press forward but not every customer is going to be able to have that much excess .. I recommend they either do a pre visit like they do some or revamp their paperwork to identify things that would cause payment increase. The total price in regards to my items doesnt seem fradulent ..just wasnt what I was quoted... Afterwards my boyfriend n I located a scratch on the leather chair but it was minor and fixable and understandable considering the small space they had to get it through The workers worked their butt off and even though it was way off the budget I still provided a tip. Terra

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Origin:Fredericksburg, VA
Destination:Stafford, VA
Quoted Price:$390.00
Actual Price:$1,011.00

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