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I scheduled a pick up for Thursday, June 14th. I was told that someone would call me the day before to give me a time the movers were going to show. No one called me the day before. I called them the morning of the 14th and asked what time the movers were going to come for my pick up. The lady told me that I’m scheduled between 4pm – 8 pm. Okay cool, thanks for letting me know... 7:30pm rolls around and I still haven’t received I call. At 7:45 the mover calls me to tell me that they are finishing up a job and wouldn’t be by to pick up to stuff until 9pm-11pm. Ridiculous. 10:45pm rolls around and they call me to tell me that they are finishing a job in Austin and would come get my stuff in an hour.. Austin is an hour and a half away from me and they weren’t even finished with the job, so I knew that timeline was impossible. I told them that its getting too late and that they would have to come in the morning. The manager calls me and tells me that they can’t do it Friday because they have other jobs so they’ll come Saturday morning at 9:00am. 9:00am on Saturday comes and no one has showed up. I call the office to see why they aren’t here to pick up my stuff and the lady on the phone had the audacity to tell me that someone told her that I wasn’t in a rush, so they didn’t dispatch a vehicle to come get my stuff. I lost my mind! How are you going to tell me that I’m not in a rush to get my stuff picked up seeing as how I scheduled the pick up two days prior. After that she told me that they are dispatching the vehicle soon and will come pick up my stuff at noon. I’m furious by this point. I had to get on the road so thankfully my parents stayed to oversee them picking up my stuff. I hit the road around 11:30 am, by noon my mom calls me and tells me they still haven’t shown up yet. I call the lady and ask her where the movers are, they were supposedly on their way 3 hours ago. She tells me that they just left. It only takes a little over 2 hours to get from Dallas to Killeen. 2 hours later, still haven’t shown up. My mom calls the movers and they tell her they had to stop for gas and would be there in 45 minutes. 45 minutes later, still a no show. Turns out they drove past my house to do a job in Georgetown! They finally showed up to my house at 6:30pm! For whatever reason the lady wrote down I only had 11 boxes that needed to be picked up, I had 19. They were trying to charge me extra for the 8 additional boxes. 1. I never said I had 11 boxes, 2. You guys are 3 days late picking up my stuff and 3. Everything is already packed up in boxes, all you have to do is move it from point A to point B. So my mom called the manager and explained to him how his men were 3 days late picking up my stuff and how they are trying to charge me extra for 8 boxes. They ended up taking the extra boxes for free and took $100 dollars off for being so late. So, they pick up my stuff and tell me that the next truck that’s heading for the east coast

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Origin:Killeen, Texas
Destination:Savannah, Georgia
Quoted Price:$1,399.00
Actual Price:$1,299.00

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