How to Pack DJ Equipment

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DJ equipment is often both expensive and contains many pieces that can be easily damaged if they are not handled right. To make matters more difficult, DJs are often carrying their equipment around and transporting it from one place to another as they move from place to place to work. Whether they're going to a bar to DJ on a Friday night, a wedding reception or a club, they have to travel frequently and that means that so does their equipment.

Like most electronic equipment, DJ equipment needs to be handled properly and taken care of when transporting it. If you're a DJ who travels a lot for work and needs to lug equipment along, it can be difficult and time-consuming to constantly pack and unpack your equipment and make sure that it's protected at all times while you're moving from place to place. However, it's a necessary part of the job and one of the responsibilities that come with being a DJ.

Despite the fact that expensive DJ equipment can be easily damaged and that it can be a nightmare to have to fix it or even replace it, it shouldn't have to be a hassle to move it. By following a few tips and pieces of advice, you can make sure that your DJ equipment is well cared for and kept protected while you travel from place to place so you can move your equipment as easily as possible without having to worry about damaging it.

Always remember to back-up your music

When you're a DJ, your music is the most important thing you have. Your job revolves around the music you play night in and night out, so it's important that you protect that music and make sure that it's always backed-up on alternate devices just in case your equipment is damaged and you can't access your music. Before you even set out on the road, you should have your music and any other important files saved and backed up on an alternate hard drive that you'll be able to access from any similar computer no matter where you are, just in case you end up somewhere without your laptop because it is damaged or lost.

The best way to back to back up your music and your DJ sets is to upload them to the cloud, which ensures that they will never be lost, as long as you have access to cloud storage. So even if you're without your equipment, you'll still be able to do what you need to do. This process of backing up your music is a crucial part of the moving process, as it helps to prevent any future headaches from occurring in the event that any of your equipment is damaged during transport.

Protect your equipment at all times

When you're traveling with your equipment and moving it around with you from place to place, it's important that you properly protect your equipment by placing it in bags or cases that are designed to keep the delicate electronic equipment from being exposed to anything that can damage it. There are plenty of resources available to purchase specific cases and bags that are designed especially for DJ equipment, so it's a smart idea to keep your laptop, controllers, sound cards and whatever other equipment you travel with safe and secured inside either a bag or case while you transport it.

The easiest way to damage your equipment is to carry it around bare, without anything covering it or protecting it from the elements. No matter where you're going or how far you're traveling, you should always make sure that your equipment is taken care of or else you could be faced with having to repair or replace some expensive devices.

Here are some more tips for how to care for your DJ equipment while you move and how to transport it safely:
  • Keep your backed-up music and other files separate from your main equipment, in a separate case or bag. That way, if anything happens to your equipment or if it's stolen or damaged in anyway, you'll still have all of your music and your playlists intact and ready to go. It's also a good idea to make sure you keep all of your equipment in a safe place while you're traveling and to not leave it exposed to any extreme temperatures while it's packed in your car during transport.
  • If you're packing multiple pieces of equipment in one bag, make sure that each individual piece of equipment is covered or contained in its own case so the contents of the bag or case don't collide with each other when the bag is jostled or moving around during transport.
  • If possible, take the time to label all of your devices and all important pieces of equipment including your laptop, sound cards, wires and whatever else you need to take with you with packing labels or with masking tape so that you can keep everything as organized as possible.

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