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How to Pack a Bookcase

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Bookcases are usually large, bulky and very inconvenient to move, so take some measures to ensure a safe transport of your personal library. Here are some tips on how to pack a bookcase or bookshelf for moving so that it remains in excellent condition and house your favorite treasured books, photos and other decors once again after the relocation.

How to Pack a Bookcase

Empty your bookcase

Sometimes your bookcase has more than just your favorite books on the shelves. More often than not, your bookshelf is home to knickknacks, pictures and other odds and ends. The first step when packing a bookcase is to empty bookcase and sort through what you have.

Here's the best way to empty bookcase:

  • Figure out and separate the books that you want to keep and bring with you and donate the rest of your reads to others before your move.

    Once you have donated the ones you no longer need, you'll need to start packing up the books. Since books are heavy, you'll need to make sure that if you're packing books inside a box, you choose one that is very sturdy and reinforced. (See also: How to Pack Books for Your Move.)

    Tip: Pack heavy books in a rolling suitcase to make them easier to transport without as much lifting.

  • When you're packing bookcase, you may have fragile items like--knickknacks, souvenirs, pictures and other odds and ends, make sure they are separated according to their type and packed in bubble wrap or unprinted newspapers.
  • Wrap any other decors in bubble wrap and support any thin handles with newspaper before wrapping in bubble wrap and taping.

Once you have emptied your bookshelf, dust off your furniture and wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth.

Disassemble the bookcase

Now that the bookcase is empty and cleaned, if possible, start to disassemble it for easier transport. It's best to pack things as flat as possible on the moving truck.

  • If your bookcase has glass doors, use a screwdriver and carefully take down the glass doors. Wrap the entire glass doors in furniture blanket and secure them with tape.

    Tip: Place all the nuts, bolts and screws into a sealable bag so they don't get lost during the move.

  • Similar to packing a china cabinet, remove the shelves of your bookcase and wrap them individually to protect them from getting scratched or damaged during the move.
  • If your bookcase has legs remove them. The legs and feet of furniture are often the most susceptible to damage and scratches. If you can't remove the legs on the bookcase, then be sure to wrap them properly for the move.
  • If your bookshelf is comprised of multiple smaller pieces, separate the smaller pieces and disassemble them if possible.

Once you have disassembled the bookcase, you can begin packing by wrapping each furniture piece in moving blankets and bubble wrap. Secure the blankets using packing tape to keep the items protected.

Packing bookcase if it cannot be disassembled

If the bookshelf is one solid piece and cannot be disassembled, wrap the entire furniture in plastic wrap and use moving blankets to protect it from scratches and other damage during transit.

Packing and moving bookshelf or bookcase is much easier if you have professional help. Fill out a free quote form to get multiple moving companies in your area to find the moving labor you need to pack up your items.

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