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How to Pack a Microwave for Moving

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A microwave is one of the most important appliances you'll own. When you're deciding which appliances to take with you during your move, you're most likely going to prioritize the microwave. However, packing your microwave safely for your move will take some time if you're doing it yourself. Here are some general tips to get started. Make sure you follow these tips for packing microwave to ensure that you've packed and moved safely.

Pack a Microwave for Moving

Cleaning and preparing your microwave

When you begin preparing your small appliances for your move, you'll notice that some of them are quite dirty because of their frequent use. Your microwave is no exception. Before you pack your microwave, make sure it is clean and dry. Here are some tips for cleaning microwave for your move:

  • Take a cup and fill it with tap water about halfway and place it in the center of the microwave oven.
  • Close the door and run the microwave on its regular setting for about 30-45 seconds until water evaporates. (The water eventually will evaporate, creating a layer of condensation on the inside of the microwave).
  • Take a cloth rag or sponge and wipe down the inside of the microwave, making sure to clean all sides, including the top and bottom. The moisture and humidity caused by the water will allow you to easily clean the residue and remnants of leftover food sticking to your microwave's interior.
  • Now, open the door of the microwave and allow it to dry.
  • While the interior is drying, remove the glass tray from the center and clean it thoroughly with hot water and soap.

Wrapping and Packing your microwave

You know what they say, "A clean microwave is a happy microwave." When you've thoroughly cleaned out the inside and the appliance is ready to be packed, you can begin preparing it for the actual move:

    • Preparing the microwave : Unplug the microwave from its power source and remove all of the loose parts that can become dislodged during the move and cause damage.
    • Packing your microwave : After you've removed the glass tray from the inside of the microwave, pack it separately by wrapping it in unprinted newspaper and putting it with your glass or any other glass kitchenware.
      • Secure the power cord by using a plastic zip tie and tape the bundled wire to the back of the microwave using packing tape.
      • If you have the original packaging, it's best to pack your oven in that box. Appliances come packaged in boxes that are not only designed specifically to accommodate them but are more structurally sound than common cardboard moving boxes.
      • If you don't have the original packaging, the next best option is to pack it in a regular moving box that is just big enough to fit the microwave without too much room to spare. This will prevent your appliance from being jostled around on the truck.
      • Layer the box with crumpled newspaper to provide a soft cushion to place the microwave.
    • Seal it with tape : After wrapping the microwave in several layers of newspaper and bubble wrap, tape it securely with some packing tape.
    • Place the microwave into the moving box - After securing your microwave, gently place it into the moving box and fill in any remaining empty spaces around the appliance with more crumpled newsprint or packing peanuts. It's important to make sure you have filled in all empty spaces with cushioning to keep the appliance snug in its box and soften any impact it will receive on the moving truck.

No matter how well prepared you are to pack your microwave and other kitchen appliances, there's no denying that it's always a smart idea to hire professional movers and packers to handle it for you.

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