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How to Pack an Entertainment Center or TV Stand

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Whether it's a heavy unit with multiple shelves or a simple TV stand, our tips will help your move get easy and fun. Just follow the steps explained in this guide and you'll be all set to enjoy your favorite movies, games, and TV shows at your new house.

Here's how you can pack your entertainment center or TV stand for a move.

Empty the entertainment center

The first thing to do when packing an entertainment center is to empty it. Whether it's a TV, a gaming console or your entire collection of DVDs and CDs, you'll need an empty canvas before getting started with the packing.

Packing TV and Entertainment Center

Here's how you should empty your entertainment unit:

  • Sort and pack all your smaller items (DVDs, CDs, etc.) into sturdy boxes. Since you'll need to lift these boxes to and from the moving truck, pack them in a way that they don't get too heavy and the bottom doesn't fall out. You can also pack them in rolling suitcases as they hold their shape and give additional protection from a potential damage.
  • Once all the small items are packed, move on to packing your TV and other components. Pack your TV in a flat screen TV box or wrap it in layers of moving blankets. Furthermore, a layer of shrink wrap will help absorb any shock during transit.
  • When packing your speakers and stereo equipment, organize all your wires and cords and tie them together to avoid any tangles. Take photos of the wires before you unplug everything so that you can assemble it easily in your new home. You can pack the speakers and stereo equipment either with bubble wrap or inside the original box, if you still have it.

Disassemble the entertainment center

First, you need to examine what material has been used in the construction of the entertainment unit and what is holding it together, like glue, screws or nails. This will give you an idea as to how you can start taking the pieces out. If you have built the center yourself, it's going to be relatively more convenient.

Now, let's get started with the process of disassembling the entertainment center with the following steps:

  • Remove the doors - If your entertainment center has doors, remove them first. Start by removing the screws that are holding the hinges in place and remember to keep track of the small screws. Keep the screws and hinges in a plastic bag and attach it to the door.
  • Take the shelves apart - The next piece to disassemble is the interior shelves. Usually, they can be easily removed and are held in place by small brackets that can be popped out of the sides. Be sure to keep all the small brackets, nails, screws and dowels in a plastic zip-top bag for safe keeping.

    TIP: You can use smaller bags to hold connecting pieces for each section. Label and tape each bag to the corresponding piece of furniture.

  • Loosen the corners to take the sides apart - Carefully lay the entertainment center onto a moving blanket on the floor. Now, take a small rubber mallet and tap lightly on one of the corners to loosen it. As the corner loosens, tap the rubber mallet down the length of the entertainment center and loosen the other joints.

    Continue this on all sides until you have separated all four of them (top, bottom, left and right). Don't forget to keep track of all the connecting pieces so that you can easily reassemble your entertainment unit once your move is complete.

    TIP: When disassembling the unit, make sure to support all the pieces as you unscrew them so that they don't collapse and get damaged.

Packing the entertainment Center

After disassembling your entertainment unit, you'll have several manageable pieces of the unit. You can pack these individually and then wrap them together.

  • Wrap the doors - Cover the doors of the unit in packing paper and bubble wrap to protect them from scratches during the move. If the doors are made of glass, pack them in a special box made for paintings or mirrors.
  • Wrap each shelf - To pack the shelves, use a bit of shrink wrap to protect them from scratches during your move. However, if the shelves are made of wood, make sure not to leave the shrink wrap directly on the wooden surface for a long period of time - wood needs to breath, otherwise it would get damaged.
  • Wrap all sides - Cover all the 4 sides in shrink wrap and even bubble wrap for added protection during transit.
  • Wrap the pieces together - Gather all the packed pieces, including the doors, shelves, and sides at one place. Then wrap all the parts together by tying them with a rope or by taping them together.

Packing a TV stand

A TV stand is a simpler version of a full-fledged entertainment unit and hence you may not be able to disassemble it to smaller parts. Although you can remove the doors and shelves, there isn't much scope for further deconstruction.

Packing TV Stand

Follow these guidelines to pack your TV stand:

  • Disassemble the stand - Place the TV stand on a moving blanket and take out the doors and shelves attached to it. Then take a screwdriver and start removing all the screws from top to bottom.
  • Wrap the Pieces - Place the brackets and connecting pieces in a plastic bag and attach them to the doors and shelves to which they belonged. Then, cover the doors, shelves, and other parts in layers of packing paper, followed by sheets of bubble wrap.
  • Pack the stand - If you are unable to deconstruct the stand into smaller pieces, you'll need pack the TV stand as it is. For this, wrap the moving blanket around the stand. Once the blanket is in place, secure it with packing tape such that it only touches the blanket and not the surface of the furniture. Lastly, Wrap the legs of the stand in bubble wrap or shrink wrap to prevent any damage.

Moving the entertainment Center or TV Stand

In order to move your entertainment unit you need to make sure that it's easy to lift. If you have packed it in pieces, you can easily lift them up and load them onto the truck. However, if you are moving the unit without disassembling it into smaller parts, you can take help of a friend and move the furniture onto a furniture dolly or sliders.

It's advisable to hire professional help to move the heavy furniture items like an entertainment center or TV stand. They would wrap and the load the unit for you while making sure that there is no damage of any kind.

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