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How to Pack and Move a Bachelor Pad

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If you need to pack and move a bachelor pad, you'll need to deal with a lot of items that can be a little tricky to handle. This is because bachelor pads are quite different from other households in terms of their interiors and their furnishing.

 How to Pack and Move a Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad is the home of a single young man (or woman). Such abodes are often furnished with numerous entertainment and leisure accessories that help you enjoy your bachelorhood, including big screen TVs, gaming chairs, cardboard cut-outs, bar kegerators, and more-all items that are heavy and can be difficult to manage.

But don't worry! We've got a few moving and packing tips and guidelines so your bachelor pad move goes smoothly.

Discard the unwanted items

Although many items in your bachelor pad may hold sentimental value for you, it's important to sort through your belongings and toss out the items that are no longer useful. This will help create a good amount of space for the items you decide to keep that need to be packed and loaded onto the truck.

Even if you're moving to a bigger house, there will always be things that can be discarded before the move. You can also contact a non-profit or ask your mover if they can help you donate items you want to get rid of that are still in good condition.

Pack one room at a time

The easiest way to pack for a move is to follow a particular order. This means packing your belongings one room or one area at a time. For example, you can start with your bedroom, move on to the bathroom, followed by the living room, and then finish off with the kitchen. You can also pack the items of different rooms in color-coded or labeled boxes to help you stay organized.

Here's how to pack your bachelor pad belongings with care and attention:


  • Packing - Packing flat-screen TVs needs to be done with careful handling. Ideally, you'll still have the box that the TV came in when you bought it so that you can use it for the move. But don't worry if you don't have it; you can always buy packing supplies from a nearby store or online.

    You can also pack the television without any box by wrapping it in layers of moving blankets and pads. The key is to protect the screen from getting scratched or damaged, so wrap it in a way that keeps it secure and intact inside the moving truck.
  • Moving - Big Screen TVs can be quite heavy, so in order to load a packed TV onto the moving truck, you need to have people who can help you lift it. The bigger the size of the screen, the riskier it will be to lift and move. You can use a furniture dolly in case you have to move it down the stairs all the way to the truck.
    It's important that you place the television screen either in the back or the front of the truck in such a way that there's no risk of anything falling onto it.

Video gaming chair

  • Packing - For a bachelor, a gaming chair is more than a mere piece of furniture; it's the throne from which he rules his kingdom, gets his highest scores, and enjoys the whole gaming experience. That's why they need to be handled with utmost care when moving.

    The method of packing a gaming chair depends largely on the type of material it's made of. For example, if it's leather, you can apply the tips for packing a leather sofa. If it's cloth or wood, it's relatively simpler to move; the main thing to pay attention to is making sure that the surface doesn't get scratched or dented during transit.
  • Moving - Moving a gaming chair is easy if it's lightweight. However, for the heavier ones, you may need to get help from a friend. But the best way to handle heavy objects is to hire professional movers since they excel at making sure that your belongings reach your new place completely safe and sound.

Life-size cardboard cut-outs

  • Packing - A life-sized cut-out of a celebrity or famous personality is a staple item of most bachelor pads. Be it a model posing in a bathing suit or a popular NFL player, you can't afford to damage your cardboard cut-outs. That's why you should wrap a cut out item in a sheet so that it doesn't bend from the weight of the packing material. Afterwards, you can secure it using duct tape.
  • Moving - Cardboard cut-outs are typically light enough to be carried by a single person, so you don't have to fret too much about moving it to the truck. They're so light, in fact, that if you have more than one cardboard cut-out, you can prepare a stack of them and pack them together.


  • Packing - A kegerator is an electronic beer dispenser and a popular accessory often found in bachelor pads. Like many other items on this list, you need to pack it with care. Before packing, make sure that you first disassemble the dispenser properly, packing all the parts in the process. Once you have removed all the dispenser parts, wrap the kegerator in a cloth to protect it from getting scratched and dented during transit.
  • Moving - Moving a kegerator depends on its size. The bigger it is, the more people needed to carry it to the moving truck. Remember that you can always hire professional movers if need be.

If you follow proper guidelines and handle your belongings with care, you'll be able to pack and move your bachelor pad quite smoothly. However, if it feels like too daunting or too tedious of a job, you can leave the work to the experts and let them use their professional skills to ensure that your belongings are moved safely.

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