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How to Pack and Move an Armoire or Wardrobe

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Moving a house is not an easy job, especially when you have heavy furniture at home. However, with the correct approach and a set of tips, you can make moving quick and simple. Although it would still require manpower and efficiency, your move would be a lot easier. So, here goes the guide explaining how to pack and move an armoire or wardrobe all by yourself.

Pack and Move an Armoire or Wardrobe

Make sure you have enough manpower

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have enough manpower to handle the move all by yourself. Carrying a bulky and heavy piece like an armoire definitely requires several sets of hands--if you aren't enlisting the aid of professional movers, be sure to rally up a few of your strongest friends to pitch in.

Gather tools required for the move

To get your armoire safely out of your home, without damaging the piece, your walls, or your friends' backs, you'll need the proper tools. Here's a list of the moving tools you need:

  • Furniture Blankets
  • Furniture Dolly
  • Furniture Sliders
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Furniture Padding
  • Duct Tape

Prepare your armoire/wardrobe for the move

A quick side note that you should know is that wardrobes and armoires are different. A wardrobe is usually a combination of multiple shelves and drawers along with the hanging rods. On the other hand, an armoire consists of just two doors and hanging rods.

Before you go on to start your packing, you need to empty your wardrobe or armoire to reduce its overall weight. The latter would take less time, but the process would be the same.

Follow the steps given below to prepare your furniture for moving:

  • Empty the contents - To make your armoire lighter and easier to move, it's important to empty its contents and pack them separately. Empty all your drawers and cabinets, and make sure to remove any hangers or sharp objects that could scratch the inside of the armoire during transport. To pack your clothes just the way they are kept in the closet, you can use wardrobe boxes. Buy a wardrobe box, assemble it with the help of packing tape, and lastly affix the rod to hang your clothes directly from your wardrobe into the box.
  • Secure the drawers - Some people opt to remove drawers from furniture and move them separately. If you decide to replace the drawers in your armoire for your move (usually to save space on your truck), make sure they are secure. Replacing the drawers also helps to keep the piece anchored while it's on the truck.
  • Remove the glass doors - If your armoire has glass doors (or shelves) it's a good idea to remove them before moving the piece with the help of these steps:
    • Remove the screws that attach the hinges and carefully remove the glass doors.
    • Make sure to keep the screws and other small parts in a plastic bag and attach it to the back or bottom of the armoire, so they don't get lost.
    • Wrap the glass doors in packing paper and then follow with bubble wrap.
    • You can then either pack the doors in a specialty box or wrap them again in a furniture blanket.

Pad and protect the armoire

Keeping your armoire's delicate finish protected is possibly the most important step of the process.

  • Wrap your entire armoire in moving blankets/pads (tightly, to ensure your drawers are secure).
  • You can then wrap the armoire in bubble wrap for extra protection.
  • Wrap packing tape around the perimeter and the width of the cabinet to hold the wrapping in place.
  • If you have left the doors on the cabinet, you can use large sheets of cardboard to protect them.
  • Secure it again with more tape.
  • Have a helper (or two) tilt the armoire for you carefully so that you can secure the furniture blanket around the wooden legs with tape.

Tip: Make sure that you never wrap any wooden furniture with bubble wrap directly as plastic can wreak havoc on wooden surfaces, especially in hot and humid conditions.

Moving the Armoire/Wardrobe

After your furniture is wrapped up, it's time to move it across the room and load it onto the moving truck. You need to be extra careful while lifting the wardrobe to make sure no one gets injured and there is no damage to the piece of furniture.

Following steps will help you move your wardrobe correctly:

  • Using a furniture dolly will make moving your armoire out of your home much easier. Be careful when wheeling the armoire out of your home, especially on stairs.
  • Make sure that you have several friends to help direct you and support the dolly's weight when going up or down the stairs.
  • Alternatively, you can also use furniture sliders to move your furniture. Placing the sliders under the legs of the armoire will make it easy for you to slide it across the room.
  • If you opt to carry the armoire, make sure to bend at the knees, not the waist, and keep your back straight and upright.
  • Have a helper on hand to direct your path and make sure you have enough assistance to safely carry the armoire out of your home and load it onto the truck.

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