How to Pack a Flat Screen

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A flat screen television is a delicate and costly item that requires proper packing and handling to ensure its safe arrival at your new home. To securely transport your flat screen for your move, read on for some helpful tips and tricks to avoid damage to your treasured piece of technology.

Use the original box

The flat screen's original packaging is optimal for its safe transport. As long as the box is still durable and strong, with the original foam padding inserts, it will protect your delicate television perfectly. If you have the box but not the padding inside, you can still use the box and improvise the cushioning.

Remove the television from the wall or stand

When lifting the flat screen off of the wall or TV stand, ask for assistance from a family member or friend. While slim and stream-lined, flat screens can still be quite heavy and difficult to handle. A little aid from another pair of hands will decrease your chances of dropping and breaking your costly TV.

Wrap the television

Before you pack your flat screen in the box, you will have to make sure it is properly protected.
  • If you don't have the original padding, use packing blankets or foam to wrap the screen. You can follow with bubble wrap for added protection, but avoid placing bubble wrap directly on the surface of the screen--the air pockets could leave behind unsightly impressions.
  • Secure the wrapping with packing tape or bungee cord around the sides, top and bottom of the flat screen.
  • Tape any cords to the back of the set to keep them from getting tangled. Pack any additional cords in a small box separately.

Packing the television

If you no longer have the original box, you can purchase wide, slim specialty boxes made for transporting items such as flat screen televisions.
  • Simply slide your padded and wrapped flat screen into the box, making sure there is no empty space for it to rattle around inside.
  • Make sure the box is securely taped--reinforce the box's bottom as well to keep the television from falling through.
  • Clearly label the box "Fragile" and "This Side Up" on all sides to indicate the direction you want the box to be carried and set down.

Loading the television

  • When placing the television onto your moving vehicle, it should be stored upright.
  • Place the television between two other items to help it remain secure and stationary during transit. This will keep it from sliding around on the back the truck.
  • Bungee cord or ropes can also be an effective way to keep your television from moving during your trip.
  • Be sure to load the television with the screen facing away from the wall of the truck.
  • Never place anything on top of your flat screen.

Consider professional packers

If you have an especially valuable flat screen or are unsure if you can properly protect it yourself, trained packers and movers will have the optimal materials to wrap your television and follow specific procedures to ensure its safe arrival at your new home. If you are interested in hiring professional movers or packing services to carefully pack and transport your television for your move, you can start now at fill out our fast and easy form to start comparing quotes from moving services in your area.

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