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How to Pack Vases for Moving

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Packing vases for moving is not a simple task-they are extremely delicate, fragile, and vulnerable to damage. To ensure their safety during relocation, you need to protect and handle them with utmost care.

How to Pack Vases for Moving

Here's how to pack glass vases for moving to ensure that they arrive safely and intact at your new home.

Clean the glass vases

No one likes a dirty vase with flowers. So, before packing vases for moving, make sure they are empty and thoroughly cleaned. This will reduce the dust particles in them.

Use specialty boxes to pack vases

Because of their tall, elongated shapes, you may consider to use specialty boxes in order to pack vases. Moving supply stores often carry tall boxes for packing fragile items such as vases and lamps. Purchase enough boxes for all of your vases and be sure that the boxes are about one-third larger than the vases to accommodate extra padding. Always reinforce the bottom of the box with heavy packing tape so that the delicate vases don't fall through during transit.

Wrap vases in bubble wrap

It is imperative to safeguard the fragile glass vases by carefully wrapping them in protective bubble wrap. Lay the sheet of bubble wrap on the floor and set the vases gently on the top of the sheet of bubble wrap, then roll each vase individually across the bubble wrap until it's completely covered. Once you have done packing vases, seal the bubble wrap securely with packing tape. Make sure the tops and bottoms of the vases are thoroughly wrapped, protected and taped to hold the covering tightly in place.

Place the wrapped vase inside the box

Once you are prepared to place your wrapped vase inside the box, you will need further cushioning to protect the delicate crystal or ceramic. Fill the bottom of the moving box with crumpled newsprint, packing paper, or packing peanuts to prevent the vase from shifting during transit and sustaining any scratches, cracks, or other damage. Carefully place the wrapped vase into the cushioned bottom of the moving box and continue stuffing the empty space surrounding the vase with crumpled paper or peanuts. Once you have finished packing vases, close the box, lift it up, and gently shake it. If you can feel or hear the vase moving inside, you need to use more padding. The vase should be completely stationary before being loaded onto a moving truck and shipped.

Mark boxes "Fragile"

Tape the box securely with sturdy packing tape and mark the contents. It's imperative to label the box "Fragile" and "This Side Up" so the movers are aware of the delicate cargo and know which direction the box should be carried and set down.

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