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Minimizing the Food You Pack for a Move

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There is so much to do when preparing for a move that any effort that can help save time or space is a worthwhile one. One of the easiest ways to save both time and space during packing is to minimize the food you pack.

Minimizing the Food You Pack for a Move

The tips listed below will help you understand the best ways to use up all of your food before moving so you can pack as little as possible:

Toss out the expired food

Before you even begin packing, it's important to sort through and throw out any expired food in your pantry, fridge, and freezer - and, in case you were wondering, yes, spices, condiments and beverages count! This will help you limit the food items that you are considering to pack.

Don't buy more food

Starting a couple of weeks before your move, try not to buy groceries. Use the food you already have and focus on finishing whatever is left. You can purchase whatever items you need after arriving at your new home. An added benefit is that a trip to the grocery store after your move can help you get to know your new neighborhood - and your new neighbors.

Get creative with remaining food items

After you've thrown away any expired food items, it's time to use up what you have left. Fortunately, it's easy to take stock of the food you still have, since you already sorted through it to find expired items. You can do a lot with your leftovers and prepare some great dishes with the help of the following tips:

  • Search for online recipes that contain your remaining ingredients.
  • Make up a recipe from scratch. Now is the perfect time to get creative!
  • Use that mix or open that can that's been sitting in the back of your cupboard that you've been meaning to try.

TIP: Eat perishables first. Non-perishable food can easily be packed for a move. Things that can spoil? Not so much.

Host a going away party

Hosting a going away party isn't just a fun way to say goodbye to your soon-to-be old home; it's also a great way to bid farewell to all of your leftover food. This is also a perfect time to say goodbye to friends, family, and neighbors and give them your new address.

In a going away party, you can utilize all the food that you don't wish to pack for the move by trying the following:

  • Serve snacks and food that you are trying to get rid of.
  • Make drinks using the alcohol that you weren't planning on drinking.
  • Send the guests home with food from party leftovers and even other items still in your pantry.

Donate remaining groceries

Still have food leftover before your move? Throw out anything that has expired and donate the rest! For this, you can do the following:

  • Research which shelters in your area take food donations.
  • Check your local paper and community newsletter for food drives.
  • Visit a food collection bin.
  • Ask your movers whether they work with any non-profit organizations that take food donations.

These are some useful tips to minimize the amount of food you'll need to pack. Instead of wasting whatever is left or packing everything you have, utilize the food optimally to save time, space, and money. The less you pack, the easier your move will be.

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on July 23, 2015

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