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Tips for Packing Electronics for Moving

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Electronics like computers, laptops, televisions, stereo systems and video game systems are not only vital to our everyday lives but are also expensive and typically very fragile. So, if you're planning for a move, make sure your electronic items needed to be handled and packed in such a way to minimize the risk for damage. Use the following tips for packing electronics which will help you stay organized during your move.

Tip for packing electronic items for moving

Preparing electronic items for moving

  • Get the item's user manual and follow the instructions

    Before you begin the process of packing electronics, find the electronic item's user manual. The manual will give instructions on how to properly disassemble the items. It may also provide specific instructions on packing or moving electronics. If you can't find the original manual, you can simply contact the manufacturer.

  • Backup all your computer files/Protect the information
    • If you are moving a computer, make sure to back up all your files well in advance of the move. In addition to using your computer's built-in data-backup function, transfer your files on compact disks, an external hard drive, a memory stick, or any other removable media.
    • Fully charge all devices and rechargeable batteries a couple of days before you move, so that you can use them as soon as you unpack at your new place.

    Once your files are backed up and stored, gather necessary items to pack up your electronic items.

  • Gather necessary packing supplies to pack your electronic items

    Here are the items you'll required when packing electronics.

    • Strong cardboard boxes
    • Dust-proof bags
    • Plastic bags
    • A stack of packing paper / moving blankets
    • A roll of tape
    • A permanent marker
    • Colored stickers

    Once you have the necessary packing materials, start disassembling the electronics

  • Disassemble the electronic items

    No matter how small or big the electronic item, disassembling the parts is always helpful in moving electronics safely from one place to another. Here's how you disconnect all the electronic devices:

    • Disconnect your TV from its power source, unplug the monitor of your computer and computer tower
    • Take out all removable batteries so there's no chance of overheating during transit. After you have removed, secure them in one place
    • Eject all DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays from the respective devices and tape the drives shut
    • Remove all printer cartridges and place them in a dust-proof bag and secure the printhead in its place
    • Remove all the wires and cables from the ports and secure them in plastic bags

    Tip: Before removing any wires or cables from the ports, use different colored stickers for each cable and its respective port. This would help you keep every part in place when you unpack at your new space.

Packing electronics for moving

Once all the wires of your electronic items have been completely disconnected from all of its parts, wrap each item carefully by simply following the below steps:

  • Wrap and pack your electronic items separately
    • Items like stereo equipment, computer tower, printers etc., can be directly placed in the its original boxes. If you don't have these materials, you can buy special electronic boxes from a moving company or use any strong, durable cardboard boxes
    • Wrap the monitors, big screen and flat-screen TV's in moving blankets

    Note: When packing electronics like computers and TVs, make sure they are packed and stored in climate-controlled storage units where the temperature fluctuations cannot damage your electronics.

  • Place the packed items in secure boxes
    • Place all the packed items in separate boxes with plenty of packing paper on the bottom. You can reinforce your electronic item by putting extra cushioning around the corners and top. Once it fits snugly and doesn't move around in the box, go ahead and close it.
  • Label and seal the boxes
    • Once your items are in the box, seal the top with packing tape. Remember to label the box as "Fragile" so that your movers will not pack other stuff on top of it when loading the truck.

Other important tips to remember when packing electronics

  • Place all paperwork involving your electronics, such as receipts, bills, repair invoices, manuals, and other documents, in a folder so everything is together and easily accessible.
  • If you think you may have trouble reconnecting all the wires of your electronics, take some pictures of the hookups before you disassemble them. Reference the pictures to help you get the configurations right when you reassemble the electronics in your new home.
  • When packing electronics like flat-screen or big screen TVs, make sure that you protect them with towels, and add another layer of bubble wrap around the screen. Don't use newsprint to cover the screen as it may lead to scratches.

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