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How to Pack Cutlery and Silverware

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Packing cutlery and silverware requires some special care to ensure that no one is injured during the move. So, you'll need to pack your kitchen items carefully to ensure knives, forks and other sharp items don't injure movers during handling. Here are some tips on how to pack cutlery and silverware for moving to protect your items as well as your movers.

Packing Cutlery and Stemware

Materials and supplies required for packing kitchen

For packing silverware, knives and other kitchen items, you should have the following materials:

  • A stack of clean packing paper or acid-free tissue paper
  • A small moving box or small carton
  • A roll of packing tape
  • A permanent marker

Use the above-mentioned materials to pack your cutlery carefully and protect it from getting scratched during your move.

Packing Cutlery

Before you begin packing cutlery, you need to prepare a small moving box. Take a small box and crumple some paper and put it in the bottom of the box and then secure it with packing tape.

  • Stack the cutlery - In order to protect your cutlery from getting scratched during the move, stack your kitchen items. Start by grouping like spoons with spoons, knives with knives, and forks with forks and stack them all facing the same direction on top of each other in groups. For instance, the sharp ends of all your knives in the bundle should be pointing the same direction.
  • Pack the cutlery - A clean packing paper is fine to pack your cutlery items. Place the stack of cutlery on the corner of packing paper and roll them in two or three sheets, tucking in the extra paper as you roll. Then place the bundle on its side in the box and move on to the next items.

Packing Silverware

When you're packing silverware or any other valuable silverware items, make sure each item is completely clean and dry. Once your items are completely cleaned and dried, pack them with an acid-free tissue paper. This will protect your silverware from getting tarnished. Or else, if you have a silverware case, you can use it to pack your items by covering with packing paper. Once you carefully pack your silverware, place them in a small carton and secure it with packing tape.

Packing knives and other sharp items

Knives and other sharp items should handle with extra care. If you have cutlery block, you can use it to pack your knives and other sharp items to save yourself from getting cut. Place the knives and secure them by taping them down with packing tape. Roll the block by using multiple sheets of packing paper and then cover it with bubble wrap. This reduce the chance of someone getting cut. Once you've taped the roll of knives in packing paper, place them in a moving box and label the box "Handle with caution" so that your movers are aware that box contains sharp objects.

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