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How to Pack Your Shoes for a Move

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Shoes can be expensive and, as they go on and off the shoe store shelves so quickly, they can be difficult to replace. Taking a little extra time to pack them properly will likely save you all the hassle of having to replace shoes that were perfectly good in the first place.

Pack Shoer for Move

Here are a few things to know how to pack shoes for moving

Clean your shoes thoroughly

If any footwear stays in storage for a while, they can get moldy, especially leather sneaker or boots, as they absorb moisture. If you just pack and throw them into a box, there’s a good chance they will get damaged. So before packing your shoes for moving, make sure your athletic or work shoes are clean from dirt and moisture.

Tip: Use a clean soft cloth and clean up your shoes from dirt and moisture.

Get necessary packing materials

When packing your shoes, you'll need a few supplies. They are:

  • Medium-sized box/shoe box
  • Stack of packing paper, unprinted material
  • Roll of packing tape
  • Permanent marker

Stuff them with a pair of socks or packing paper

To maintain the shape of the shoes during the move, stuff some tissue paper or packing paper into your shoes. You can also stuff each shoe with a pair of socks to give them extra support.

Packing safely in shoeboxes

You can pack your shoes in suitcase, backpacks or in duffel bags but, the best way to keep your shoes safe is to pack them in shoe boxes, preferably the one they came in. If they're in shoeboxes, they'll be less likely to get crushed, and they'll be less exposed to moisture. Follow the steps below to know how to pack shoes when moving:

  • When you're packing them in shoe boxes, make sure to use clean packing paper
  • Take each shoe and wrap them individually in a packing paper and place them in a shoebox together
  • Once your shoes are secured safely in a shoebox, place the shoe box inside of a medium-sized moving box

Tip: It's a good idea to wear heaviest shoes like sneakers or boots and pack a lighter pair when moving.

Packing without using shoebox

Chances are, though, you don't have every single box for every single pair of shoes you and your family own. In this case, you'll have to do a little extra work. Use the packing paper to wrap your shoes together. Here are some tips to know how to pack shoes without using shoebox.

  • Prepare the box by stuffing its bottom with crumpled paper
  • Take one pair of shoe, lay it down on one corner of the paper, and roll it about halfway
  • Then, place the second pair to another corner of paper and continue rolling
  • Take the bundle of shoes and place in the bottom of the box. Repeat the process with all your footwear
  • Note: Pack the bulkiest and heaviest shoes on the bottom of the box. Because lighter ones could get crushed if they placed under the heavier ones.

  • Once all your boots are packed, tape the box and label it with its contents

Packing winter boots, slippers, flats and flip-flops separately

If you are moving in summer, sort out the things like winter boots, slippers and flip-flops and pack them separately in your suitcase. Use gallon bags or plastic bags to cover your shoes. This way, you can protect your clothes from dirt and bad smelling.

Additional tips to note

  • Discard any shoes that you don't wear before moving
  • Keep each pair of your shoe intact by tying their lace together
  • It's ideal to pack your backpacking shoes and hiking shoes in your backpack or suitcase to save the space
  • Use tea bags or any shoe deodorizer to keep your shoes or sneakers smelling fresh

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