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How to Avoid Buying a Haunted House

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House hunting is already difficult, but throw in avoiding potentially haunted homes and things get slightly trickier.

Check out our infographic above for information on how to buy a non-haunted home, or keep reading for statistics about haunted real estate and the people who would and would not stay the night.

Avoiding haunted homes

To stay away from purchasing a haunted house, you'll want to do a little bit of digging--of the non-literal sort.

  • Research the history of the home you want to purchase at a local library
  • Ask your realtor if there are any brutal murders or other heinous crimes connected to the house you should know about
  • Beware of houses with a suspicious amount of new owners, a high turn over rate could point to trouble
  • Stay away from purchasing homes built on top of ceremonial burial grounds (especially if they've moved the headstones but not the bodies)
  • Avoid properties where promiscuous teens have not survived the night
  • Do not buy anything referred to as "the old _______ place" by locals

Haunted home deal breakers

You are not alone in your reticence to buy a haunted abode. Some people (11 percent) would not buy a haunted house if there was proof of:

  • Levitating objects (75 percent of people)
  • Moving objects (63 percent)
  • Strange sensations (61 percent)
  • Strange noises (60 percent)
  • Warm or cold spots (34 percent)

Haunted house statistics

Potentially haunted real estate isn't just for the movies. A good portion of people believe spirits have haunted their homes and more than half would consider buying a haunted house:

  • 62 percent of people would consider buying a haunted house
  • 11 percent of people would not move into a haunted house
  • 25 percent of people have researched the history of their homes for potential hauntings
  • 35 percent of people believe they have lived in a haunted house

Haunted attractions

Just because someone doesn't want to live in a supernatural hot spot does not mean they wouldn't consider visiting one or two--especially in October:

  • There are 4,500 haunted house attractions operating across the United States
  • 20.3 percent of Americans who celebrate Halloween will visit a haunted attraction
  • Haunted houses are more popular in the Northeast
  • 22 percent of residents plan to visit a haunted house
  • Men are 24 percent more likely than women to visit these attractions

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Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on February 11, 2015

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