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Enterprise Truck Rental Review

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You have, undoubtedly, heard of Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, with that catchy phrase - "Enterprise, we'll pick you up" - but you may not know that Enterprise has a high-quality truck rental program. They have lots, and we mean a lot, of truck options that will truly fit any need you have. They have box trucks, cargo vans, pickup trucks, as well as stake bed trucks, so you know that your needs are met. Learn more about Enterprise’s moving truck options below.

Enterprise Rental Truck Review

Enterprise Rental Trucks

Enterprise has 4 different kinds of rental trucks, so let’s go over them:

Box Trucks

 15' Truck16' Cabover Truck24' truck26' Truck
Room Capacity1 to 3 rooms3 to 4 roomsOver 5 roomsOver 5 rooms
Type of FuelGasolineDieselDieselDiesel
PayloadUp to 5,000 poundsUp to 7,500 poundsUp to 10,000 poundsUp to 10,000 pounds

They have different brands of box trucks, as an example, Enterprise might have multiple 15' trucks. One might be a Chevy, others might be a GMC, or whatever other brands they have available. So, these are estimates about what they typically have.

Box trucks are good with moves but keep this in mind: Enterprise does not have one-way rentals. Because of that, they won’t be good for a long-distance move.

Cargo Vans

 Compact Cargo VanCargo VanHeavy-Duty Cargo VanHeavy Duty XL Cargo VanHigh Roof Cargo Van
Miles Per Gallon24 MPG13 MPG12 MPG12 MPG12 MPG
Payload1,480 pounds3,700 pounds4,080 pounds3,950 pounds3,700 pounds
UsageSmall cargoMedium cargoLonger cargoBulky CArgoTall items

Cargo vans are great for smaller moves or for deliveries. Again, MPG will also vary based on year, make and model as well as how and where you drive. Driving in the city uses more gas than highway driving.

Pickup Trucks

 1/2 Ton Pickup3/4 Ton Pickup1 Ton Pickup
2WD and 4WD?YesYesYes
UsesMoving, small projectsMoving, projectsmoving, towing

To clarify, ½ ton pickup truck will be a truck similar to a Ram 1500, F-150, a Silverado 1500, trucks like that. A ¾ ton pickup are trucks like the F-250, Ram 2500, and Silverado 2500. Finally, a 1-ton pickup truck are trucks like an F-350, Ram 3500, and Silverado 3500. Typically, Enterprise carries the newer models of these trucks, so you have all the newest safety features and the snazziest features.

Stake Bed Trucks

 16' Truck24' Truck
Sides Removable?YesYes
Payload6,000 pounds10,000 pounds
UsesLandscapinglandscaping, large projects

Stake bed trucks are the trucks that you typically see with landscapers with the plastic siding on the side that holds things in the bed of the vehicle. This kind of truck is great for landscaping because those slats are removable, but those slats (or stakes, hence the stake bed) are great for holding oversized loads.

Moves with Enterprise

It can be difficult to schedule a vehicle online. Many facilities we contacted about truck rentals simply had no trucks, and others only had pickup trucks available. This is probably due to high rental volumes, a constant flow of rental vehicles, and possibly even Covid-19 making it difficult for companies to operate while sterilizing their fleet.

A Local Enterprise Move

We set our location to San Antonio, Texas, and were able to get a location in northern San Antonio that had more choices open to us.

We chose the dates of November 20 to November and began looking at their trucks. Going through the truck options the trucks not available to us were the: 24' truck, all the cargo van options, the 15’ parcel van, and the 16’ cab-over truck.

The vehicles available were:

  • 26’ box truck with lift gate
    • We were quoted $79.98 a day plus $0.69 a mile
  • ½ ton pickup truck
    • We were quoted $104.99 a day plus $0.19 a mile (266 miles were free)
  • ¾ ton pickup truck
    • We were quoted $124.99 a day plus $0.19 a mile (the first 266 miles are free)
  • 1-ton pickup truck
    • We were quoted $149.99 a day plus $0.29 a mile (the first 200 miles are free)
  • 24’ stake bed truck
    • We were quoted $95.99 a day plus $0.69 a mile

We choose the 26’ box truck since that was the only viable option for a two-bedroom apartment move (the typical move we go by). Our total came out to $124.98. This does NOT include any extra supplies or insurance (we didn’t even have an option to add them). It also didn’t cover the security deposit, which was not disclosed. Another concerning thing was the phrase "Addition surcharges and taxes may apply" next to my estimated total.

Here are their insurance options:

  • Damage waiver (DW): costs between $19.99 and $29.99 (for this particular branch) a day and either waives or reduces your responsibility for any damage (or loss) to the rental vehicle
    • This is optional and not required, although it protects you, the renter, from any financial obligations to Enterprise
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Costs $3.50 (for this branch) and covers you and your passengers with accidental death, medical expenses, and ambulance expenses
    • Again, protects you in case of an accident and you or anyone in the vehicle is injured or killed
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP): Costs $26.99 (at this branch) and covers up to $1,000,000 against third-party claims
    • If another driver sues you, you are cover for up to 1 million dollars
  • Roadside Protection (RAP): is an “additional fee” and covers anything that may happen on the road
    • Covers loss of keys, flat tire service, lockout service, jumpstarts, and fuel service

Note: Enterprise does not allow for one-way moves, so long-distance moves are out of the question.

What’s Our Take on Enterprise?

The Hard Truth

Enterprise is good for local moves or for renting a pickup. Their bigger trucks are great but are subject to availability.

A concern we had that came up is the lack of transparency with pricing. They did not state what the security deposit was and they also seem to have hidden costs and fees which may bite you. Their prices aren’t significantly cheaper than competitors' prices, so if you want the absolute cheapest route, Enterprise might not be for you.

What We Like About Enterprise

We would recommend Enterprise to you if you are moving locally. Their mileage costs are low and they have so many trucks to choose from that they are bound to have something that will fit your needs. For a bigger truck, our estimate per mile was $0.69 which is right on par with other rental truck places, and the pickups had free mileage for up to 200-something miles. You can’t beat that.

Their vehicle options blow every other competitor out of the water, so even if you aren’t moving you can get a vehicle to fit your need. We really like that they have stake bed trucks for your landscaping and large moving needs, those are rare to find as rentals for DIYers, so finding them locally is great.

Enterprise has an awesome cancellation policy. You can cancel the day of and not lose money or receive any penalty for it.

Katherine Broome  Posted by Katherine Broome on December 1, 2020

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