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Renting a Moving Truck Vs. Hiring Professional Movers

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If you've got a move coming up, you’re probably debating between renting a moving truck and doing it yourself or hiring professional movers. There is no best answer, but there are a lot of moving parts to a move that go unnoticed.

Some factors to consider include cost, time, and moving skills. Here’s a short breakdown of things to consider before setting up your move.

 Renting a Moving Truck Vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to DIY your next move, it's generally a matter of less money for more effort.  Here are some benefits of renting a moving truck.

Pros of Renting a Moving Truck


Save Money

If you are on a tight budget or don’t have much to move, then renting a truck for a do-it-yourself move can be a lower-cost alternative - especially if you’re only moving a short distance. Truck rentals usually charge based on the truck size you require, the miles traveled, and the number of days you use it.

The cost of hiring moving professionals is based in part on the number of hours it takes to pack and move you out. At the end of the day, you will save money simply based on the labor effort required to move.

Truck rental companies like U-Haul and Budget offer trucks that can hold up to a four-bedroom home and can be used for single-day moves or cross-country jobs. You can include items like car-haulers to pull behind your moving truck as well for additional savings.

You can also save money on packing materials like boxes by sourcing these things yourself. There are many DIY moving guides with tips and tricks for extra money savings.


Control Your Entire Move

From start to finish, you decide what happens and when. Choose your moving truck, materials, and move time. You can take as much or as little time as you want when you move.

You can be assured that your fragile items will be stored according to your wishes. It’s just up to you to pack and place your fragile goods safely.

Start packing your home whenever you want, however you want. You get to say whether pillows and blankets get boxed up, or transported with electronics or in suitcases. It’s all up to you.

If it’s raining or snowing, you can take measures to protect your items from the elements. You can also dictate where and when certain boxes are loaded and unloaded for complete control of the move-in process.

For a local move, renting a truck is a no-brainer. Given that you only have to go a small distance, you won’t have to drive for that long and so you don’t run the risk of getting tired.

Uhaul Moving Truck

Cons of Renting a Moving Truck 


More Responsibility Moving

While the benefits of rental moving trucks are clear, they are a big responsibility. From driving the truck to paying for fuel, toll charges, cargo protection, rental surcharges, it can be a lot to keep track of.

Responsibility also lies in how you pack and move your items. With moving companies, you generally have some form of insurance. And unless you purchase separate moving insurance, you could be out of luck if you damage your items in a move.


More Planning

Moving is more than going from A to B. You will have to learn how to properly load a moving truck, pack boxes, and organize your move. If you’re hiring friends or help online, then you’ll need to coordinate the entire moving experience and provide direction.

If you enjoy planning out moves, then this isn’t necessarily a downside. But many people haven’t experienced the process of a DIY move from start to finish. Our DIY moving guides can provide some clarity about how to plan a move.


More Heavy Lifting

The most obvious, yet overlooked element of a DIY move is the actual moving. Sturdy couches can be heavy and tricky to move. Books weigh a lot more than you might think. If you have stairs and heavy furniture, make sure you have some strong help. Loading and unloading a truck requires some knowledge, and many people aren't up for that challenge.

Again, the cost benefits of a DIY move are substantial. And if you’re willing to undergo a bit of exertion, it can be well worth your time. No move is completely stress-free, but the DIY move is also physically demanding.


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

Moving Companies are great resources for long-distance transport, specialty moves, and small moves. Many people prefer the ease of use but pay more for this convenience.

Cons of Hiring a Moving Company


More Expensive

Moving companies can’t compete on price with moving truck rentals and DIY moving labor. The average cost of a medium-sized move for four movers will cost you anywhere between $1800 and $3000. For both cross-town and interstate moves, a moving company will almost always be more expensive than renting moving trucks or cargo vans to move.


Low Flexibility

Moving services offer great peace of mind, but you lose full control of the moving process. Dates and times are typically set, so if any issues come up, you still need to be ready to move. Because you also aren’t driving the truck, you can’t control where and when the truck arrives. Although rare, moving trucks can break down and take time to arrive at the destination. When you’re looking for full control over your move, the best way is to load and drive the truck yourself. 


Working With Strangers

With any service, you have to trust others. But with movers, you don’t have a rapport built up as you might with your favorite restaurant, salon, or store. It can be difficult to trust people moving your most precious possessions.

Mind you, professional movers are just that – professionals. Still, the prospect of trusting a stranger with your most treasured possessions can be a daunting one.

To keep yourself safe from scams and poor-quality movers, take a look at our network of quality movers in your area. Reputable companies will conduct an in-person or remote inventory of your home before you receive a quote.

Pros and cons of hiring movers

Pros of Hiring a Moving Company


Low Effort Moving

Would you like to do absolutely nothing while moving? Get a full-service mover to pack and move all of your possessions (many companies even offer unpacking services). If you don’t have the time, training, or strength to move your heaviest items, hire a moving company. 

Keep your new and old homes in pristine condition. Don’t worry about scratching floors or denting walls. An insured moving company can provide peace of mind during an otherwise busy process.


Low-Stress Moving

If you’re not a professional driver, then the prospect of driving a rental truck might be daunting. The same goes for packing and moving. There are tricks involved in a move that professionals have mastered. When you hire movers, they assume all of the responsibility for getting your valuables to your new place.
Unless you want to, you don’t need to plan out much when you’ve hired a mover. Worry about getting yourself and your family to your new destination. Leave the packing and moving to the professionals.


More Efficient Moving

Professional movers cost money. But they are also paid to do a good job and be on time. DIY moves involving family and friends may not be fast and efficient.
However, a moving company will be equipped with the necessary tools and people to do the job quickly and effectively. Compared to moving yourself, a moving company is much more efficient – plus you save yourself time and effort.


Bonus! Get Moving Discounts and Savings

Moving companies will often offer deals to customers to stay ahead of the competition. Be sure to search for the best deals before deciding between renting a moving truck or hiring professional movers. However, be on the lookout for scams and shoddy service as companies can use discounts to lure you in and rip you off.

You can save money by packing your items yourself and pay just for transport. You can also rent a truck at a lower cost in the off-peak parts of the year (winter and fall) or on a weekday – as opposed to the weekend. And, of course, you can always negotiate with either a moving company or a truck rental company.


What to Choose?

When you compare renting a moving truck with hiring a professional moving company, there’s no definite answer as to which is better. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Overall, you can save a lot of money by renting a truck. But a full-service moving company will save you a lot of effort. It’s all a matter of priorities.

Whichever way you choose to move, let us help.
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