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What Size Moving Truck Do You Need?

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If you've already made the decision rent a moving truck, you'll need to determine how big of a truck you should get. Most people who are not experienced relocation professionals have a hard time figuring out what size moving truck they'll need to rent for their move, and there's no quicker way to ruin your moving day then realizing the truck you rented won't fit all of your belongings.

Assessing your belongings

The first step to figuring out the size of moving truck you'll need is to assess your belongings and what you'll be loading onto the truck when you move. Here are some of the things to take into consideration when assessing your moving load:

  • Do you have any large furniture or appliances? The more large items you have, the more room you're going to need on your truck. You may only have a small one-bedroom apartment, but if you're moving your refrigerator, TV, bed, couch, futon and dining room table, you'll need a substantial amount of room on the moving truck to fit all of these large items.


  • What is the size of your home? The size of your home is going to play a major role in your truck-renting process. Moving from a five-bedroom house is going to require a much bigger truck than you'll need if you're moving from a two-bedroom house or apartment, so take this information into consideration when deciding on what size moving truck you'll need for your move: the bigger the home, the more stuff to move.


  • How far are you moving? This may not be as important a factor in determining the size of the truck you'll need, but it can be. If you're making a long-distance move, you'll need to load everything onto the truck in one shot and make the trip to your new home to unload it. If you're only moving a few short miles away, you can make multiple trips with the moving truck and therefore won't need to fit everything in it all at once.

Moving trucks come in many sizes

When you begin looking for moving trucks to rent, you'll notice that one size doesn't fit all. In fact, there are several different sizes of vehicles that you can choose when renting. Here are the most common sizes of moving trucks available:

  • 10': These are the smallest moving trucks typically used for people moving from studio apartments or small one-bedroom apartments; they accommodate small moving loads that don't include large appliances or pieces of furniture.


  • 14': These trucks can be used for small one-bedroom apartments with a bigger load of boxes and large appliances, or larger two-bedroom apartments.


  • 17': A more intermediate size, 17-foot trucks can be used to move two-to-three-bedroom apartments or houses.


  • 24': These are used for townhomes, condos or houses with 3-4 bedrooms and moving loads that contain larger items such as appliances or furniture.


  • 26': The largest size moving truck available for rent, and can be used for homes with four or more bedrooms.

Deciding what size truck you need

After you've assessed your belongings and taken the different sizes of moving trucks into consideration, it still may be difficult to determine exactly how much space you need. There are several things you can do to help you decide what size truck is perfect for your particular move:

  • Contact a truck rental company. While you may not have the experience or knowledge to accurately estimate the size of truck you'll need, a rental company should be able to provide you with an appropriate size estimate. Be sure to describe the number of items you'll be transporting in detail to get a proper recommendation.


  • Bigger is always better. When determining the size of truck to rent, it's always better to skew towards the larger size. It's better to have more space than you need rather than less space, causing multiple trips. The rule of thumb in this case is to rent a truck with 10 to 15 percent more space than you'll need, in the event that you've underestimated your moving load.


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