Can I attach my couch to the top of my car?
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Can I strap a couch on top of my car?

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Asked by Devin

January 15, 2017 under Others

is it legal to strap a couch to the hood of my car?

Answered by Kelly Martini

January 17, 2017
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Dangerous but allowed
Strapping a couch to the hood of your car is hazardous, because you will not be able to see through the windshield. You can secure furniture to your roof. While not illegal, it still proves difficult on certain roadways. Only transport an item this way if you are using local roads and have no other choice. Don't forget to cover the roof with blankets first, and utilize the strongest rope available.

Small moves
To move a single couch, we suggest hiring a company who specializes in small moves. A small move is any relocation where the total weight of your belongings is less than 2,000 pounds. These moves can be anything from moving one room in a house to a whole studio apartment.

Getting quotes
To start receiving no-cost moving estimates from reliable companies in your area, simply head to our small moves page and fill out the free quote form to begin!

Thanks for your question, and good luck moving your couch!
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